Dallas Braden is at it again with his pranks.

Originally posted on Clubhouse Confidential:

This is why we love Dallas Braden.  Whether it’s Hideki Matsui or Manny Ramirez, he’s a One Man Welcoming Committee.  As you may recall, last year Mr. 209 came up with this nifty idea to entertain dozens of Japanese media who were staked out in the clubhouse to chronicle the arrival of national hero Matsui.  Weeks earlier, Braden had mail-ordered a life-sized blow-up Godzilla.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning when the box arrived at Phoenix Muni.  Along with the help of a few teammates, Braden decorated the synthetic creature much in the same fashion he would have decorated his Christmas Tree.  No. 55 A’s jersey.  Check.  Yellow wristbands.  Check.  Oakland cap.  Check.  Jockstrap.  Why, of course, check.  When Matsui finally arrived and turned the corner into the clubhouse, all he saw was about 40 new teammates staring at him to see what his reaction would…

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