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Here She Is, Cory And Topanga’s Daughter For ‘Boy Meets World’ Spinoff


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My day flying back to Oakland just for A’s FanFest

A great detail of my trip to Oakland Sunday for A’s FanFest. PHOTOS HERE.

5AM: Wake up, get my bags and get ready to head out to Long Beach Airport.

6:50AM: Up in the sky on the way to Oakland. Pretty cheap flight. Thanks JetBlue!

8:10AM: Arrive at Oakland Airport. Get picked up, head to Coliseum.

9:30AM: Get inside Oracle Arena. Since nothing was planned to begin until 10:30AM, it was a lot of walking around figuring out what to do and where to line up.

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Oakland A’s FanFest is gonna rock tomorrow!

Cofro bobblehead!

This was a picture I took last year. That’s me and Coco with the custom bobblehead I made him.

I’m flying up to Oakland stupid early Sunday to go again. It will be a one day stop and I fly back home Monday. But this is going to be fun.

After their 2012 season, the A’s are a hot talk in the Bay and this is going to be a great time. We have established stars and a real chance of being a contender. I cannot miss this. I don’t plan to do anything too fancy but just absorb the entire moment, get my pictures and so forth.

Who else is going? Hit me up and I’ll find you!

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That new rap video about rice has me confused

How am I supposed to react to this? I mean, rice isn’t just used by Asians, but apparently, this video is a fusion of all types of Asian cultures and it’s a nasty cluster.

Should I be offended? Or should I just be cool that these guys are taking in my culture?

At first, the video wasn’t to my liking and the lyrics are meh. Not my cup of tea. But is this OK? You tell me.


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49ers to the Super Bowl!!!

I grew up a Niners fan since I was a kid. They are still my favorite football team and after covering them for five years, with the last three on the beat, I cannot believe that this is finally happening.

I do wish I stuck around for one more year for this experience. I would have gone to the Super Bowl for free and would have gotten to experience it myself. But I am happy with my life now.

But this is awesome. My team is going to the Super Bowl. They are going to win it too! This is going to be awesome!!!!

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Winning Twitter contests is how I roll… again!

Even though I am not a Red Wings fan, I am a fan of free things and contests on Twitter. With that said, this was an opportunity for me and I won it. Great job Sam!

Now what to do with it. I can gift it for any friends who are Wings fans. I could. But will I? I’ll think on it.

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The evolution of the Superman logo

Click to enlarge photo.

Click to enlarge photo.

As you know, I am a huge fan of Superman. After reading up on the history of Superman this summer, I have been more and more fascinated with him.

I saw a shirt a while back on the evolution of Superman’s logos but I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t my size. The above photo surfaced this morning and it brought me back to all the changes our favorite superhero has gone through.

I do wonder what’s next for Superman. The movie this year should be good and I wonder what the next move in 2020 will be like. What if they start another TV series on him? The possibilities!

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers complete DVD set

Should I get it?

I loved this show as a kid.

Even though half the scenes were from the Japanese show and terribly dubbed, this show was the balls.

I just found it that it’s available.

Do I get it?

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Is Jesus Christ fun anymore?

GrateSomething popped into my head when I saw the image on the right. My first reaction was laughter because it was funny. It’s the kind of laughter that comes with a confidence in Jesus Christ.

I’ve been through a lot in my life and my journey with Jesus has not always been the best, but it’s a good one. And one of the reasons why it’s been good because I enjoy it. I find it fun. Loving Jesus is fun. It isn’t a chore as a lot of people make it to be and it’s not some kind of ongoing chess match to find the right strategy of living life. No. It’s fun because Jesus is fun.

But the problem that seems to occur too much is that Jesus isn’t fun. It’s all too serious. There’s no open jokes with life around Christian friends. There’s too much censorship about what can and can’t be discussed. There’s no time for us to have fun because we are Christian.

But that’s not how I see it. It’s because that we’re Christian that we can have fun. We’re free to enjoy Jesus. Jesus isn’t some kind of burden we have to carry, it’s a joy for us to be around always.

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Because I am a Reebok fan and their stuff is always on sale

New kicks.

Ever since I was a kid, I had wondered about my endorsement deals if I were an athlete. I liked Nike but I felt that Reebok would be the shoe company I would go with. Ever since then, I have been a fan of Reebok.

When they came out with the Zig Tech shoes a while back, I felt that the technology was cool but could never afford it. It was a couple years later when the Zig Tech phase slowed down that the online site starting having sales. I had already bought one pair last spring at a great deal and the other week, I did it again.

Those first pairs had a rip in them which made me hesitant to get another pair, but the comfort of these shoes was too much to pass. With a 30% discount code made it less than $38 with free shipping. I hope these hold up because it feels real comfortable and I want to encourage myself into running more.

Now I have more shoes and I will have to retire a pair or two. We’ll see how that goes down the line.

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