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Break free: A weekend of God-lifting movement

Great time at the concert.

This weekend was good. It was great. It was God-centered.

Saturday was I lucky enough to get a shift switch so I can attend the stretcher bearer seminar at church. The entire idea is that we as Christians can’t try to take on everything, but we can always do the little things, carry and encourage one another. We are there as supporters and through that, we can build and praise God.

It’s a time for us to change our lives and look big picture by doing the little things that we can do. God does God’s part, we do our part. And through that, we can truly lift each other up.

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Happy birthday to the most gangster Beatle ever: I miss you George Harrison!

Happy birthday to my favorite Beatle ever! You were so awesome in so many ways! I miss you.

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The problem with Black History Month — or maybe there isn’t a problem?

Is Black History Month good or bad? It’s kind of both.

Growing up and attending elementary school, we were always taught about the importance of Black History Month. And I was all for it. We learned about Harriet Tubman, Crispus Attucks, MLK and all the important black people in American history. It was cool, I learned a lot and it was good.

But as the years went on in my life and now I am in my 20s, I start to rethink Black History Month. Is it important anymore? Do we still need it?

This is a tough subject because there are two arguments for it and I am on the fence because I agree with both.

First, let me show you what sparked my desire to write this entry. Check this out.

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So yeah, I am going to Spring Training to see the Athletics

It’s almost fully planned. The Spring Training trip that I thought I’d never ever get a chance to do could happen.

Tickets to two games (vs Giants, vs Rockies) have been bought. Hotel has been reserved. Initial itinerary all written up. Just fine details need to be set as me and my friends are working on trying to see how much time we have to do what and whatnot.

I have 2/28-3/3 off from work, so I know that this is my only chance probably ever to go see the A’s in Phoenix.

With that in mind, I am hoping the final pieces get figured out soon so I can just not worry, get ready to be a part of this fantastic trip. Heck, I might even go see the Indians play! I know I’ll eat well on this trip. Photos will come. Oh baby!!!

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Gold Dust Woman


It’s a mystery that I have wondered recently. What if. What if?

I know I am too young to even understand or even realize what it would have been like. But now today when I listen, I wonder what it would have been like.

Your voice enchants me. I close my eyes and I can picture the magical journey the words take me. It also helps that your outfits are just as mystical as your voice.

If I was born earlier, I would have been quite the obsessive fan. I would have bought every single album you were a part of. I would listen all through the night, picturing what it would be like to go to your show. What it would be like if I somehow ran into you after a show. What would I do? How would I act? Would I even get a chance to talk to you?

Like you sang that one time, I feel that were the white-winged dove. You stood out more than anyone else. Your smile, your outfit, your voice. Nobody else caught my attention like you.

Plus we came from kind of the same place. That’s pretty cool.

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How do we define the identity of Jesus Christ?

One of my favorite things to do is to see how other people define Jesus. What is the image of Jesus they have in their mind and hearts? One way to see that is through film.

I’ve seen a lot of Jesus movies over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Jesus sketches and everything in between. There’s a certain image or portrayal of Jesus that I continue to see through most of these films: He’s unreal.

And that’s not a bad thing. Jesus was unreal in a sense that He was something that we had never seen before. He was out of this world (figuratively, literally, bothly) and because of that, it’s hard to characterize Him because we have never dealt with anyone like Him. But when I see these films, it’s the fact that He’s more God than human really surprises me. Is that how we view Him? Is he more God than human even though He is equally both?

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Hideki Okajima — who are you and why you coming to A’s camp?

Actually, it’s more of what are you doing here with that windup? I’m confused as to how it works. He looks down when he throws. Yet it works.

I haven’t heard about him in three years, so I don’t even know where he’s been and if he’s been good in that time.

But hey, the A’s can always try to get new arms. And even better, he and Hiro Nakajima could be BFFs.

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A book on the questions I’ve wondered about “The Room”


So this post happened on Facebook.

Whoa! The worst movie ever made is going to have a book detailing the way the movie was even conceived. From tuxedo football to the hospital on Guerrero Street, there is a lot of unanswered questions about this book.

Why does Lisa have to be so evil?

What about Claudette’s breast cancer?

What happened to Stephen?

Why is this movie the greatest thing ever made?

I cannot wait for this book to come out. I bet I could finish it in one sitting… if I can understand any of it.

You know what they say? This book is blahnd!

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Death to church politics and all that nonsensical nonsense


Church is boring. It’s a stupid place of rules, traditions and systematic work to continue this path of uncertainty with a glimmer of potential hope if I follow the rules. That is church.

Well, that’s not really church. But that is what church was for me for pretty much most of my life. I went to a traditional Episcopal church. It’s very strict with hymns, kneeling, standing, sitting, lather, rinse and repeat. Everyone there had to dress up nice and they had cloaks and whatnot every the acolytes, priest, choir. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it wasn’t good for me.

It ran like some political office. People would be voted into certain roles in the church. They budgeted. They held meetings. It was very strict. It was a business.

There were times where I learned about Jesus, sure. But did it grow? Did it mean anything to me? No. The goal was to keep the train moving in the church. And for me as a kid, it was boring. There was no attempt to keep me there. I didn’t like it. They had nothing to attract the youth. It was a place to tell aging people about the afterlife, or at least to keep their raft afloat until death.


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Happy New Year, suckas!

Year of the snake!

I’m pretty sure somewhere back home it’s February 10. With that said, happy new year!

It’s good to celebrate. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near home so I can’t celebrate with the family. But I will see my parents for a lunch on Feb 12, so I can make that as they go venturing to Vegas for vacation.

But man oh man, it’s the new year. All snake and everything.

I normally don’t celebrate on my own. I don’t get any moon cakes or anything, but maybe I will. Who knows? It’s a good time to celebrate!

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