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My new job is growing big time!

So cool! On the Twitter blog!

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This may be the greatest promotion in the history of the rap game

I am a huge fan of Riff Raff. His music is amazing. I loved his appearance on ‘From Gs to Gents’ and now he’s producing timeless classic music.

I wish I had the effort and funds to make this. I’d love to go see him in concert!

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“I Hate Church” – Part 2



I have experienced so many times and people that I know that have forgotten about simply loving people, but instead Bible thump people who are different. It’s sad to hear this story and realize that church is a place where everyone is welcome, no matter what.

How come we can’t love the people the way God loves them? This is a refreshing reminder that love is the first and truly only thing God wants from us. Can we do that right truthfully before worrying about the other things?

Originally posted on Andrew Alleyne:


This is long overdue, but I’ll start by saying this;

The purpose of my first article (click here to read it) was to expose what I believe to be a heart issue within the church. At some point we have to look inward when around the world millions of people, mostly young people, are walking out of churches and making the statement “I hate church.” It’s not about becoming like the world, or changing the message, watering down the message, and it’s certainly not an excuse to not go to church, or to not be in fellowship with a community of believers.

For me, I’m simply not okay with the status quo. I happen to believe that Jesus Christ being properly displayed through local churches in communities is the hope of cities around the world. On the other hand, I believe now more than ever that Jesus Christ being misrepresented…

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Back to the Future in real time!

I’m following it right now.

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I need more quiet time with God


I’ve been trying to get myself better in my quiet time with God but it’s hard. I am too busy with things. Actually, that’s a lie. I am never too busy. I just busy myself with things that aren’t that important.

But this morning for my devotional, a quick reminder of my need of that time with God.

From Rick Warren:

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‘Ravenswood’ premiere react: One war hero, five teens, and one heck of a curse


I’m not hooked, but I will continue watching. Oh hello again Nicole Anderson. Haven’t seen you in a while.

Originally posted on The Family Room:

[ew_image url="" credit="Skip Bolen/ABC Family" align="left"]

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched tonight’s Ravenswood premiere, stop reading now!

Welcome to Ravenswood, the really old town full of cemeteries, dark woods, creepy houses that double as funeral homes, and even creepier bathtubs. This is the town that now holds Pretty Little Liars alumnus Caleb Rivers, and after the looks of tonight’s pilot, it might also be the death of him.

Things kicked off with a quick catch-up session: Caleb explained how he and Miranda met, and how he had intended to help Miranda, who was a foster child the same way he was, find her uncle in Ravenswood. But it was when they discovered their own names and pictures on tombstones that they decided they needed to stay in town at least until they got some answers. And after they left the cemetery, where a stone angel cried bloody tears…

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Two new book ideas

I just came up with two new book ideas. I don’t want to share too much about them, so I’ll put them in bullet points

Book 1

  • Wedding cake
  • sad obsession
  • pineapple
  • Bakery has new owner
  • Finds previous baker
  • old towne
  • The right ingredients
  • Decision on baker

Book 2

  • Superman voice actor on radio
  • No idea about him
  • Dream journals
  • House fire
  • Memorial, family crazy
  • Closed
  • What’s next?

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My experience this weekend at ‘Act Like Men’

This weekend I attended ‘Act Like Men’ and it was pretty good. Here are the details about what it is and what they are about.

But before I went, I stumbled across this blog entry that told me about what the conference was like two weeks ago. It broke my heart.

So with that in mind, I was hoping maybe they’d change. Or maybe it was just a misinterpretation. Or maybe they were like that. I don’t know. I have never heard any of these speakers speak before, so I didn’t want to go in with an unfair pre-judgment.

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I’m Terrified and Excited of What is to Come at the Act Like Men Conference


A blog entry about a conference I am attending this weekend.

Originally posted on Love God, Love People, Change the World:

By Samuel Lam

Trinity Church is asking all the men of the church to join this amazing conference dedicated to building men as great leaders in the church, at work, at home and anywhere else. It was something that was brought up a couple months ago and it sounds like a great opportunity.

By the way, it’s still not too late to sign up. If you’re interested in going with us, you can reach me here:

When I was asked about this to see if this would be something that might be a good fit for the church, I thought it would be. After all, the topic is a great topic, the speakers are amazing, and this is something that would push the men of the church to really take a firm grip of their faith. It was perfect and it would be something I think would help all…

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Nirvana, LL Cool J, KISS, NWA Among Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Nominees


Let them all in!

Originally posted on Variety:

Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced an eclectic lineup of nominees for 2014 induction today.

The newly anointed candidates includes Chicago’s blues-rocking Paul Butterfield Blues Band, funk/disco pioneers Chic, British hard rock act Deep Purple, U.K. singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, blue-eyed soul duo Hall & Oates, costumed New York metal act KISS, rapper LL Cool J, New Orleans funkateers the Meters, Seattle grunge icons Nirvana, L.A. rap posse N.W.A., Minneapolis’ shambolic punks the Replacements, vocalist Linda Ronstadt, singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, pathfinding guitarist Link Wray, Brit prog-rock kings Yes, and ‘60s British Invasion group the Zombies.

Stevens, LL Cool J, Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, KISS, N.W.A. and the Meters are all repeat nominees; it is the first time in the running for the remainder of the field. Gabriel is already a member of the Rock Hall via his association with Genesis, inducted in 2010.

The induction ceremony is…

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