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The Simpsons Take the Bowl at the Hollywood Bowl last night was so amazing

Huge donut!

All of you know that I am a huge fan of The Simpsons. And when I heard about this orchestra performance at the Hollywood Bowl, I knew I had to get there.

For all the photos I took, click here. For all the videos, click here.

I had never been to the bowl before but it was amazing to see all the different little cardboard displays out and about. I was just in my little happy world. The show was an hour away but I spent most of my time looking around at things, collecting buttons and eating this huge donut.

But I think what really made it nice for me was the fact that it was a trip down memory lane, hearing all the songs that I love from the show. And the performances were amazing, including the celebrities that showed up.

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#626NightMarket fun with MC Jin and lots of food

Check out my videos here. Check out my photos here.

I had never been to the 626 Night Market before. I just heard about it from time to time but never really made an effort to care. It was only until I heard that MC Jin was going to perform that I realized it would be the perfect place for me to check out the foods and vendors and also watch Jin perform. It was back in 2005 when I first saw Jin perform (my first rap concert if you will) and he was dope. But as I got to follow his career, gotten to know him, meet him and just see him grow, I like where he’s headed to now.

When I got to the market, I was overwhelmed by the vendors and shops. They had a lot of cool artwork. I almost bought some stuff but maintained to my spending to food.

Stinky tofu? Yes! I got it! Also, check out this.

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The pineapple cake preview

Remember when I said I had some story ideas? Well, I realized that I may never write these as a book, but a short story isn’t out of the question.

I decided to take one of the ideas and start to write it. I am not sure where it goes and how long it takes. I have never written anything of this magnitude before, especially as a fiction story.

But who knows? Maybe it will turn out OK. Here’s a sneak preview of what I have so far:

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I attended the Stand Up To Cancer event last night and it was great

As part of me being awesome, I have access to be a seatfiller in certain events in Hollywood. For┬álast night’s Stand Up To Cancer event in Hollywood, I attended the event to fill in seats throughout the theater to make sure that the place looked filled for the event. It was really cool to dress up, be part of a great event and check out the entire thing for free.

I arrived there at the earliest check-in time possible at 2PM. Because I was there early, they would put me in the first group of fillers, which is usually the front. After standing and waiting, we got in at about 4:45, which is 15 minutes before the live broadcast. I got in my seat and really took in the entire event.

I was really close so I got to see the entire show right up and personal. The rest of the world watched live with me. Check out the above video.

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Lazy journalism in the Bay Area

Let me get this straight. You’re offering a prize to anyone who can identify this man? Is journalism now a contest for people who want the news?

I don’t know exactly what this means and how offering a prize works with news reporting. What is going on here?

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The helpless homeless and why we avoid them

I think it was my freshman year in college and I was in my sociology class. My pothead of a professor was amazing in telling me so many things about the world and how people act. It opened up a new world of understanding. I used to just assume people had to be one thing and their train of thinking had to be like mine. It’s still a habit I have, but I don’t hold on to it.

One of the things that I started to understand more was homeless people. I am not a saint in any way when it comes to them. Sometimes I just walk by them because I have places to go or I just don’t want to talk. But other times I really have sympathy for them. Sometimes I offer them a dollar. Sometimes I give them the extra food that I have. I try to help but it’s hard sometimes.

I have met homeless people who just take what is given to them and spend it on booze or some kind of addiction. Other times I just don’t know if they are trying to improve themselves or not. But every case is different. Every person is different.

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How I am watching #EverySimpsonsEver without cable

This marathon is amazing. I love everything about it. I got to watch some of it at work. But since I am not at work now, and I don’t have cable, I don’t know what to do.

I see tweets about it but I am not watching it. Luckily I have my DVDs. I am seeing which episode they’re airing now and I plug in the corresponding DVD to it.

Right now it’s time for Mr. Sparkle.

And they retweeted this tweet of mine!


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