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Barack Obama eats at Canter’s Deli — hey I’ve eaten there too!

I discovered Canter’s a couple years ago after I had just moved to LA. I found a link to the best burger in LA and I went to the Golden State to have the burger. It was that good. But I saw across the street that there was this Jewish restaurant called Canter’s Deli. I went after my meal and saw they sold black & white cookies. I love those cookies. I ate them all the time when I lived in New York.

I’ve eaten at Canter’s a few times since. They serve Jewish food along with other classic foods like panini sandwiches, meatloaf, etc. I like it there. It’s a 24/7 joint and it satisfies my needs. Is it a great place? It’s average

But to deliver me food late at night, I can dig it. Now that the president has also eaten here, I can lay my lame claim to fame that I am famous too!

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Chipotle’s Twitter was hacked or just them being foolish?

I’ve eaten at Chipotle twice ever in my life. I felt regret both times after eating there. I am not a fan of them. But I don’t hate them.

On Twitter today, they’ve now confused me even more.

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A quick recap of my Spring Training trip

It was a great trip.

I am so exhausted and I don’t think I can properly recap my trip. If you want details on it, you can check my photos here and my recaps here.

But here are some thoughts as a first-timer.

  • The Phoenix area has great food. I ate real well and I was able to get a taste of the culture of the area. Fantastic eats everywhere
  • Phoenix Municipal isn’t a really pretty park. Bleacher benches and not much ambiance makes it an OK park. But hey, the A’s are used to that, right?
  • Camelback Ranch is way nicer and fits more of the Dodgers/White Sox kind of atmosphere.
  • Watching games with players that I am not familiar with is tough, but it’s part of the Spring Training way.
  • Great baseball atmosphere. Great people too. It’s like a little baseball fun community. And. there are lots of pretty people here.
  • Everything is so close and I love it. I think I might do this again next year.

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A weekend in which I ate a lot, watched the A’s win and moved like Bernie

What’s this? Yes, that’s me and my friend Chris doing the Bernie when he came to visit me last weekend. It was an idea that came up last month and today we finally put it into action.

But how did this all come to be? Let me take you down my weekend adventure in which I also ate a lot of good food and went to Anaheim to represent the A’s.

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Recapping my weekend back in the Bay Area

Yeah, we fresh!

I love the Bay. It’s my home. It’s my upbringing. It’s what I am about. So this past weekend I was lucky enough to have some time off work and fly up back home. I had the entire trip planned surrounded by food and baseball.

Here’s a recap of all the fun that I had, including how I was able to meet up with a lot of really important peoples in my life.

FRIDAY: The journey to LAX was time consuming. I wasn’t going to drive to the airport and park my car there for three days. So instead, I decided to take public transportation. I had to walk up and down a hill for about a mile to get to the bus stop. I took the bus ($1.50) to the Union Station in downtown. There, I took the FlyAway bus directly to the airport ($7).

During the ride to the airport, I got a chance to really relax on the bus. It was like one of those vacation tour buses and it was comfortable. I even got a chance to read this very awesome article about Rick Ross in Rolling Stone magazine.

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Tentative weekend schedule for my return to the Bay Area

I’m back!

I will be returning to the Bay Area this weekend because I miss home. But it won’t be a long stay and I will try to get as much done in that time. I’ll be in the East Bay the entire time and I wish I could see everyone. But since I know that won’t happen, I’ll just do the best I can.

If anyone wants to come by say hi, I’ll be around various places. Here’s my itinerary of my weekend.

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Udderly Homooerotic and some Chick-fil-A talk

Honest thoughts on this Chick-fil-A thing. (BTW, the above picture cracks me up.)

Here’s the thing. I haven’t paid much attention to this because quite frankly, I don’t care. Just because one dude who happens to be associated with a major company says one thing, doesn’t mean that the entire company believes it.

Remember, Chick-fil-A is a Christian organization and Christians are about love. Granted homosexuality is something Christians aren’t in support of, but not loving them isn’t part of the deal. We love people regardless of how different they are from us.

Now the problem has gotten to a point where people are associating the place with homo-phobia or something like that. But that’s not true. But because this one dude made a mistake, it’s a PR nightmare.

So here is what I really think needs to be done. First of all, everyone needs to chill. Second of all, their chicken sandwiches are delicious so don’t let this whole mess scare you off from delicious. Third, this is all the corruption our media and our mindless minds have created.

There is no solution no matter what was to be said. Some people won’t like gay marriage and some people won’t like the idea of tolerating it. Then there are people who want to find every politically correct way of approaching life. But that’s never going to work. You can’t PC everything. Instead, the only way to do it is to continue to live and love.

We’re reaching for straws trying to find a bad guy in this whole story. There isn’t a bad guy. If you really want to find a bad guy, it’s everyone else. All the people making a big deal out of it. They’re the ones adding fuel to a small candle. They’re the ones continuing to go into this story and making it worse than ever before. This isn’t love and support, this is their attempt to hurt and bring down somebody.

So to all of you trying to make it seem like Chick-fil-A is super evil, you’re doing the exact opposite of what you’ve been calling for. Let’s be able to love each other and one another. Why can’t we do that?

I’m going to Chick-fil-A (maybe sometime soon) not because I support whatever cause I’m supposed to support, but because I’m hungry. I don’t care about this nonsense.


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Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream


Can someone make this for me?

Originally posted on The Hungry Artist:

While travelling in Mexico during my college years,  I always enjoyed having Mexican hot chocolate at breakfast.  It’s tastier than its American counterpart and has subtle notes of cinnamon.  Then, many years later after moving to NYC, I discovered that the little bodega on our corner had the Abuelita chocolate disks, so I happily started making Mexican hot chocolate at home.

Nowadays, you can find these disks (the other common brand is Ibarra) in the international foods section of large grocery stores.

In fact, my sister-in-law in Gurnee, IL who didn’t know we could get it here sent us about 10 boxes after we commented how much we loved it while visiting during Thanksgiving!

So good on a cold day…

Since it’s been so hot these days, we’ve been enjoying lots of yummy home made cold treats like smoothies, soft serve “ice cream”, and rocket pops

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El Pollo Loco is ignorantly racist against Spanish speaking people

“No problemo” is not Spanish. In fact, it’s not English. It’s a white man’s attempt at speaking Spanish. I remember saying that as a kid because I didn’t know Spanish and I thought that was correct. But in fact, it’s very wrong.

The correct term is either “No hay problema” or “Ningún problema”. So for the fact that this fake “Mexican” restaurant is not properly using a Spanish term really shows how much they are catering to the white man and how unauthentic their stuff is.

P.F. Chang, Panda Express, Taco Bell, you guys I will also categorize into this group of fake foods.

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I had a Jumbaco last night and it was fantastic

The beautiful Jumbaco.

Last night, I had a Jumbaco at Jack in the Box. Because of a bet I won, but friend Pete had to eat one. And I was curious, so I ate one too.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, check it out here.

The commercial is catchy and the idea is laughable. But at the same time, I got real curious. So I ordered it, tried to eat it with the shells holding the burger and I must say, it was really good. In fact, it was quite delicious. I don’t know what Jack in the Box has created, but I love it.

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