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Last night’s concert by Madi Diaz was nothing short of amazing

Madi Diaz dazzles the crowd with a phenomenal live performance of songs from her newest album “Phantom.”

Back in May of 2012, I had just moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area. I moved for work and in a nutshell, didn’t know anyone. I was hoping to get settled in with my new job and with some of the free time, go check out some things that I had only seen in movies and so forth. During my second week in Los Angeles, I saw that one of my favorite artists, Rachel Platten, was doing a show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. I had recently discovered Rachel’s music only a few months earlier but it was music that helped me transition through a period as I was preparing to move to Los Angeles.

As I was at the venue helping set up for Rachel and her show, the opening act of the night was this artist I had never heard before. Madi Diaz was on the stage with a guitar playing some very cool tunes. It was a nice setting of music to listen to as I started preparing the merchandise table. I really took notice when she covered a Bee Gees song. I know that anyone who covers them is real cool. I knew that she had something going and I was actually pretty surprised at how friendly she was after the show, just full of joy.

Fast forward to last night, nearly two and a half years later. I’ve settled pretty nicely in LA and things have been good. I’ve been keeping an eye on Madi’s career since the first time I saw her and recently she dropped her newest album “Phantom.” I had been listening to it almost daily during my drive to my new job and it’s just a great sound. I was so glad to see an artist continue to grow and evolve in her music. Last night was the first time I was going to see her perform since that weekend way back when I first moved here.

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Beatles Fest and seeing Tom Petty in concert was awesome!

I’m at a loss for words. On Friday I went to this Beatles Fest. I didn’t know it existed but this was their 40th year doing it. It was just a sweet collection of memorabilia, artwork, people who have met them and just great storytelling. I was so amazed with what I saw!


They even had a cool cover band perform. It was like a little mini Beatles heaven for me!

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Lorde responds to being featured on South Park

So after this fiasco happened last night and last week, music artist Lorde responded on Twitter.

It’s true. The two episodes actually were very endearing to Lorde. Her music is well-liked by the characters on the show and her drive of passion is very admirable. Good job, South Park.

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South Park returns the favor and mocks SPIN magazine, Brennan Carley for their Lorde article

South Park just aired an episode about transgenders and society’s acceptance of them. A subplot to the episode was about Randy Marsh living a double life as a geologist and pop star Lorde. This was a response to the very poorly written SPIN magazine article created by Brennan Carley. You can read about it here.

Last week, Carley wrote about a small scene in South Park’s episode based solely on a screen shot. The information he provided was completely wrong since he didn’t watch the episode. This week, South Park decided to put the writer and the magazine on blast for publishing the article of lies.

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Writer doesn’t watch South Park, then writes about the episode he doesn’t watch

Here’s the thing. The writer, Brennan Carley, wrote this article about how South Park made Lorde look like a middle-aged man. That man was Randy Marsh. The writer said that in the episode, South Park did this to make fun of Lorde’s appearance.

I watched the episode last night. None of that is true. Carley, however, writes it as if it were true.

In context, the boys were trying to get Lorde to perform at their party because Randy knows her uncle. When they were unable to do it, Randy stepped in as Lorde to help save the party. None of this was to make fun of Lorde. It was just a throwaway joke to further their story.

But Carley would tell you otherwise. Instead, he tells you something completely different. Something that didn’t even happen in the episode. And in the article, he suggests that you skip all the way to the appearance or Randy as Lorde, not watch any of the episode that builds up that appearance and explains it. The writer even tells you not to watch the entire episode. The same thing he must not have done himself.

As much as I like Spin, how can they allow a writer to write about something that happened in an episode when it’s very clear the writer didn’t even watch it? You can’t base an article off one screencap.

Don’t lie to us. You didn’t know.

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Reading Digest: Everybody Else Went to the Show Edition


What a great list of all the great Simpsons stuff including my blog post of the Hollywood Bowl show.

Originally posted on Dead Homer Society:

Itchy and Scratchy - The Movie7

“How was it?” – Bart Simpson
“It wasn’t that great.” – Lisa Simpson
“Be honest.” – Bart Simpson
“It was the greatest movie I’ve ever seen in my life!” – Lisa Simpson

This week we’ve got lots of links to those lucky bastards who got to see the Hollywood Bowl show last week, many of them with cool pictures.  Sure, YouTube is better than nothing, but it’s a poor substitute for the real thing.  In addition to that, we’ve got a bunch of .gifs, Duffman in the big leagues, a couple of disappointing lists, and a huge Sam Simon profile.


D’OH! Eat my shorts! Ha-ha! Don’t have a cow, man! Ay, caramba! – Looking at the long history of the show and its influences on subsequent cartoons.

How The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Is Facing His Own Tragedy – A full blown writeup of Sam Simon’s life in Vanity…

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The Simpsons Take the Bowl at the Hollywood Bowl last night was so amazing

Huge donut!

All of you know that I am a huge fan of The Simpsons. And when I heard about this orchestra performance at the Hollywood Bowl, I knew I had to get there.

For all the photos I took, click here. For all the videos, click here.

I had never been to the bowl before but it was amazing to see all the different little cardboard displays out and about. I was just in my little happy world. The show was an hour away but I spent most of my time looking around at things, collecting buttons and eating this huge donut.

But I think what really made it nice for me was the fact that it was a trip down memory lane, hearing all the songs that I love from the show. And the performances were amazing, including the celebrities that showed up.

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