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I finally got my Steve Young throwback!

Got it!

Mitchell & Ness reached 100K Facebook likes and celebrated with a 24-hour sale. All people who are registered on the site can get jerseys for $100.

There was only one jersey I have always wanted from them. I had bought jerseys from them discounted before, but this one was a rare find.

Now I have it. Now I can smile.

This Steve Young jersey either was never on sale or not even available for sale. But I got it now. Yes!

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Thug Collins

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Chris Broussard is late again

Y’all remember when Chris Broussard was stupid late on the Deron Williams news about the Nets a couple years back? He’s at it again.

The Cavaliers fired Mike Brown. They had the news on their team site. Broussard still tweeted these after the news already circulated.

Stick to your DUH-wight Howard news.

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I forgot to post this awesome picture of Derek Jeter

I went last Wednesday to see Derek Jeter one last time. I snuck to right behind the Yankees dugout and after he reached on an error, I snapped this photo.


Hall of Famers.


Angels lost too. Even better.

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Custom Tony La Russa Oakland Athletics bobblehead

Before and after.

This was something I had thought about for some time but never got to it. But after the two-year hiatus, I got an old Tony La Russa Cardinals bobblehead and converted it into what he wore when managing the A’s.

From the socks to the uniform, I think I captured it well. It wasn’t an easy conversion but I am happy with what I ended up with.

One issue I did encounter was that the head fell off. I don’t have any glue so I will glue it back on later.

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Custom Jim Johnson Oakland Athletics bobblehead

The before and after.

After a two-year hiatus, I have returned to paint bobbleheads. I had planned this for a while but since I moved to LA, I didn’t bring any of my bobblehead tools, which basically meant i didn’t paint.

But with the A’s picking up Jim Johnson, I decided to paint his bobblehead. He didn’t start off well but I think he’s going to get it right soon.

The process for this was simple. Dremel sand off all the logos I didn’t want to keep. I gave a quick white coating to the entire thing before I started painting it. The gallery will show the progression of it.

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SportsCenter doesn’t consider Derrick Thomas an NFL legend

Derrick Thomas is a Hall of Famer. He was drafted No. 4 overall in 1989. He was one of the greatest pass rushers in the history of the game. He is a football legend.

SportsCenter, however, doesn’t think he is a legend. They completely ignored him in the above tweet.

Shame on you.

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Warriors didn’t play well, but Clippers fans remain swagless

I went to Game 2. Warriors got owned. But even for a playoff game, the crowd was not as loud as I thought.

Maybe I am spoiled since the Warriors have the best playoff crowd in all of basketball, but there just wasn’t enough loud cheers and super excitement. Staples Center was kinda filled with swagless Clippers fans. That is, if they really are Clippers fans.

But anyway, what a shame the Warriors lost. But they did take one of the Clips’ home games, which is all I could ask for. Now back to Oracle.

Let’s go!

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Last night’s awesome experience at the A’s-Angels game

One of the great things about going to Anaheim to watch the Angels and A’s play is that A’s fans show up and they are so loud.

Seeing my good buddy Jeff there was something I was glad to do. Last time the A’s were in town we sat next to each other, got some TV time, and really had a ball. I went with two other friends but I made sure I found him. And look at us, we ended up wearing the same shirt.

The game was a fun one and it had its ups and downs. Angels fans aren’t very loud per usual but when the home run from Jaso cleared the wall, the place went dead silent and then the A’s fans erupted. The dejection was so sweet.

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Coco Crisp


It’s humbling to see someone say that my work is their inspiration.

Originally posted on

Covelli “Coco” Crisp. A’s leadoff hitter, center fielder, and fan favorite. He has one bobblehead made by the A’s, but it is a “Bernie Leaning” bobblehead. He also has a gnome coming out on June 22 as well. But i prefer to have a bobblehead of him in a gametime pose. so, here it is.

Coco (before)





the only SGA (stadium giveaway) bobblehead i found of Coco Crisp was a 2005 release of him as a Cleveland Indian. it took me some time to buy one off of eBay because these were fairly rare to find for the right price. but once i found one, it was off to the races to transform him into the Green and Gold.

Game Plan:

1. Sand off Indians logos

2. Sand off jersey sleeve lines (the vest jersey lines showed)

3. Sand off base logos

4. Paint batting helmet, jersey, and base

5. Apply…

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