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A’s disappoint in postseason again but I’m OK

The game of baseball is fun. You have highs and lows when cheering for a team. But that’s why I love the game. There are no guarantees and there is so much unpredictability. I just witnessed one of the greatest baseball postseason games of all time. Bummed that the A’s lost. But I still love this game.

There are hopes and expectations to this team and the game. But I don’t expect them to owe anything back to me. It’s just a game. There are things out of my control and things I can’t predict.

That’s why I watch. Because you never know what can happen. It’s a result I didn’t like but I knew these things can happen as a fan. We’ll see how next year goes for this team.

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I may have unintentionally deceived the Internet with my #RE2PECT tweet


OK, I am pretty proud of my unintentional viral photo.

Originally posted on But at the end of the day...:

This didn’t happen. I photoshopped it. It was an idea that popped into my head during Derek Jeter’s last home game. There were discussions of how Jeter had a double that helped start the rally to tie the game at 2-2 in the first inning.

The constant talking about his number and the hashtag #RE2PECT gave me an idea. So I awaited the top of the second inning and looked at the pitch count. Then I awaited for the actual possibility of the influx of 2s to appear. It never happened. But I wanted it to happen. With all this talk of 2s and how everyone is praising Jeter for all the wrong reasons, I opened up my Photoshop, grabbed some screenshots from the game, then just made it myself.

I didn’t think much…

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50 Cent challenging Floyd Mayweather to read is the best thing ever!

As you can see, Floyd Mayweather struggles to read. Mayweather and 50 Cent are beefing. So 50 challenged him to read.

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I’m going to the Stadium Series game

Thanks to a friend who has 49ers season tickets, I got hooked up to go to the game. It’s going to be amazing. I went the one in LA and everything about it was great. I can only imagine that this new one will be just as fun. And since it’s the Sharks, I wonder how they would present it. I wonder which former Shark will drop the puck or what local music artist will perform.

Can’t wait! I’ll be there!

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I finally got my Steve Young throwback!

Got it!

Mitchell & Ness reached 100K Facebook likes and celebrated with a 24-hour sale. All people who are registered on the site can get jerseys for $100.

There was only one jersey I have always wanted from them. I had bought jerseys from them discounted before, but this one was a rare find.

Now I have it. Now I can smile.

This Steve Young jersey either was never on sale or not even available for sale. But I got it now. Yes!

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Thug Collins

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Chris Broussard is late again

Y’all remember when Chris Broussard was stupid late on the Deron Williams news about the Nets a couple years back? He’s at it again.

The Cavaliers fired Mike Brown. They had the news on their team site. Broussard still tweeted these after the news already circulated.

Stick to your DUH-wight Howard news.

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