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I may have unintentionally deceived the Internet with my #RE2PECT tweet


OK, I am pretty proud of my unintentional viral photo.

Originally posted on But at the end of the day...:

This didn’t happen. I photoshopped it. It was an idea that popped into my head during Derek Jeter’s last home game. There were discussions of how Jeter had a double that helped start the rally to tie the game at 2-2 in the first inning.

The constant talking about his number and the hashtag #RE2PECT gave me an idea. So I awaited the top of the second inning and looked at the pitch count. Then I awaited for the actual possibility of the influx of 2s to appear. It never happened. But I wanted it to happen. With all this talk of 2s and how everyone is praising Jeter for all the wrong reasons, I opened up my Photoshop, grabbed some screenshots from the game, then just made it myself.

I didn’t think much…

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The #ALSIceBucketChallenge is wasting California’s water

The #IceBucketChallenge that’s going on all over social media is a Seinfeld episode.

Kramer is in California and everyone is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Kramer, being conscious of California’s water drought situation, decides to not participate in dousing himself in ice cold water. He knows that he can’t waste water.

He gets ostracized by his peers, including Bob and Cedric, whom have all done the ice bucket challenge, posted videos on Facebook and tagged friends to do the same.

“Aren’t you against ALS?” they ask.

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How I won Chris Paul’s signed shoes on Twitter

I am a Chris Paul fan. Been a fan of his since his rookie year. I own a Paul jersey from his time with the Hornets. I also own his first line of Jordan shoes.

When he joined the Clippers, I was sad because he plays for my team’s rival. But I am still a fan.

Yesterday, as I was at work half-paying attention to my computer, I saw the above tweet. I didn’t know there was a contest going on. I was thinking that there might be something going on with a trivia question. I quickly went on Google and found the answer. I just submitted it and it happened to be the first correct response.

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SMH Delta

This is why I don’t fly with you.

But actually…

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The @CIA joins Twitter, tries to be funny, gets some negative responses

The CIA joined Twitter and had a pretty clever first tweet. However, people responded with some mixed reactions.

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Budweiser’s social media campaign is genius

At first, you might think that Budweiser was hacked. I don’t think they were hacked. Their “drunk tweet” makes a whole lot of sense, given they are a company that makes beer.

Also, the tweets were sent via web, which can be manipulated, but I don’t think they did get manipulated by a hacker or anything. After all, their previous normal tweets have also been done through the web.

What makes this great is that even if they aren’t advertising anything specific, they did a couple drunk tweets right before the Super Bowl has to be so genius. Intentional or not, Budweiser did good here.

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If you don’t want to see spoilers for ‘The Walking Dead,’ then don’t go on Twitter

I’ve never seen “The Walking Dead” before so I have no idea what anything about that show is about.

As I was on Twitter, a certain hashtag was trending so I clicked it to find out what it was all about:

Then I followed up with this:

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