Why do people say ‘What the freak’? I thought it was ‘What the …’

This entry has profanity. I am giving this post a PG-13 rating… because by the age of 13, I knew a lot of cuss words.

I had written this on my LiveJournal before but since I left that to a limited audience, I suppose I can write this out to a bigger audience as the issue still bothers me.

Can someone tell me why people say “What the freak” instead of “What the fuck?” It sounds dumb.

And what’s interesting is that I never heard the term “What the freak” until I came to college. And that term has only been used by people I know who are Christians. In high school, everyone swore (even me), so this phrase was new to me.

When this Will Smith song came out when I was 14, I had no idea what he meant.

Now, according to Answers.com, they explained why people say “What the freak”:

They are trying not to swear, using ‘freak’ instead of stronger language, much as people say ‘darn it’ instead of “d*m? it’, or ‘shoot’ instead of ‘s#*t’.

So people use “freak” as a substitute for the word “fuck?” So did Will Smith really want to say “I’m going to fuck this!” while shooting a video with children? Using “freak” as a substitute doesn’t make sense.

When they say “What the freak,” I know they want to say “What the fuck.” But because they’re too afraid to hurt their own image, they use this safe version of it. So whenever I hear “What the freak,” my brain translates that soundbite into “Oh, you mean ‘What the fuck’.” And that defeats the whole purpose of “What the freak” because by saying that, I still think of the profanity.

Try using “freak” in other common phrases like ” Go freak yourself” or “Motherfreaker.” I don’t know what those mean, but I do know what the original ones are.

It’s like this. There’s a naked picture of model Marisa Miller (“What the fuck”) in someone’s room and they don’t want people to get the wrong impression. So their solution is to cover up the boobs (“What the freak”) and think that would cover up the badness. But it doesn’t. Once I see the blurry “What the freak”, I start thinking about NAKED MARISA MILLER!!!!!

It’s also like writing out “FUCK” as “F-CK.” “F-CK” doesn’t cover up anything. I still know what it stands for. A 10-year old knows what it means. So why cover it up? All it has done is plant a seed of profanity in my brain.

So that’s what “What the freak” does to me. All it does is remind me of “What the fuck” and the whole idea of covering up profanity goes to waste. Because once someone says “What the freak,” I know they want to cuss but can’t because they want to preserve their good image. But their image by using “freak” is of a person with harbored profanity inside that’s too afraid to be human and have emotions. Saying “freak” doesn’t make anything better. I never understood why people do it or how all the people I’ve seen do it happen to be Christians.

I really hope that saying “What the freak” isn’t a product of the “goody two-shoes, I’m holier than thou, we must be perfect” persona of Christianity. That’s a terrible image to have and I don’t like those kinds of people. Being perfect isn’t what Christianity tells people to be.

Yes, we shouldn’t say “What the fuck” when we’re around kids. But I’m not a kid, so why do people say it to my face like they’re trying to protect me from something I already know?

Wouldn’t it be easier just to say “What the fuck” as a natural reaction instead of harboring it in and filtering it? Or maybe just not say anything at all!

But if you have to say something, go with something that doesn’t sound watered down like “Nuts!” and “What the hell.”

Wait, no… “What the hell” is supposed to be “What the heck” right?


**Someone’s going to get offended that I used so much profanity in my blog. Well I don’t give a… freak?



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14 responses to “Why do people say ‘What the freak’? I thought it was ‘What the …’

  1. CoasterFreek

    I never really use that phrase. I didn’t hear it until late high school.

  2. hahahahaha… i think in will smith’s case, “freak” means that he’s not gonna go mainstream by following the trend of swearing. though, the paradox implied in the song makes me laugh.

    word on the not saying anything at all. if they want to keep their “holier than thou” image, just shut the hell up and work on your anger issues.

  3. the wwf picture made me laugh too. hahahaha.

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  8. Freak off -_-
    I think it’s better to be used with people you don’t know, just not to offend them in case they were sensitive about it. But no need to cover it up with people who are too close to you, like family & friends.. stuff like that.

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