Painting my own Charlie Brown Oakland Athletics bobblehead

Inspired by painting my San Francisco Giants Lucy bobblehead to an Oakland A’s bobblehead (VIDEO HERE), I decided that I wanted to add in Charlie Brown to the mix. As an A’s fan and a Peanuts fan, this was a project that would be difficult.

There are only three MLB teams to my knowledge that have released stadium giveaway Charlie Brown bobbleheads: The Giants, Pirates and Tigers. The Giants’ one was only given to kids back in 2005 and it usually goes for around $200 on eBay. The Pirates one (released in 2003) is cheaper at $50 and the Tigers (2010) is around the same price too.

I wasn’t going to spend a whole lot on this project so I had to decide on either the Pirates or the Tigers’ version. I didn’t like how either one of them looked. I then found an eBay listing for a Charlie Brown bobblehead from Kings Island for $40.

The package came in yesterday and I immediately went to work on it.

(If you’re too lazy to read my “in-depth” detailing of it all, just scroll down to the photo slideshow.)

I first started by painting the cap. I used acrylic paint and did some mixing with kelly green and white to get the right shade to match the green of the 1970s. As that began to dry, I then went to the jersey with a hint of white with my yellow.

The drying was the most time-consuming part of the process. I used a fan to speed up the process. The bill of the cap only had one layer of paint and that dried first, allowing me to add the yellow bill to it. As I painted that on, the jersey started to dry. Since the jersey was originally a button up, I had to add extra layers of paint up the middle of the jersey to give the illusion of a pullover jersey. It’s still visible, however.

Using a toothpick, I added the borders to the jersey number on the back. I also used a toothpick to paint on the name onto the back as well. It was a very tedious process but I had to make sure that the jersey was historically accurate.

Adding on the logos to the cap and jersey was the hardest part. The entire process required me to use toothpicks and just to slowly dab on the image. I tried my best to be accurate with it, especially on the jersey in which I had to add the white border to the logo. But after about 20 minutes on that, I was ready to finish it.

I added a large green collar and then finished it off by dabbing white paint for the proper look. The sleeve was actually a little easier as I dabbed the yellow stripes onto the sleeve with my brush. I debated about painting his shorts, socks and shoes to match the actual uniforms but decided not to. His shorts, socks and shoes are too iconic and I didn’t want to touch them.

It took a little while, but in four hours I had completely transformed my Charlie Brown bobblehead to an Oakland A’s bobblehead.

And approval from the Oakland A’s on Twitter is just perfect!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Angels, Giants and Pirates have released a Snoopy bobblehead in the past. Maybe that’s my next project.

** EDIT: This entry is mentioned on ESPN’s Uni Watch Blog. Welcome Uni Watchers!



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