What you should avoid during job interviews to protect your image

Please don't do this.

I was looking through some things and I came across this very helpful article about body language and ways to present yourself during interviews.

From SportsJobBlog, it shows that simple body language can alter an interview. In fact, there are a lot of things that can factor into an effective interview. Most of these things we don’t notice, but some of it can be very telling.

Here are the tips the provided.

There are several things to pay attention to that affect your personal image:

  • Make your first 10 words count. The best way to start an interview is to send a “thanks” message, e.g., “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this morning, Mr. Williams.” Be sure to refer to the person by name if possible.
  • Tune into others. Make eye contact and smile. If you act friendly and confident, others will respond positively.
  • Walk with a purpose. Move with vigor and vitality. Don’t walk like you are about to collapse.
  • Be impeccably groomed. Your professional attire will strongly affect the impression you make. You can also make a bad impression in other ways:
  • Sloppy language. Do not use slang such as “you guys” or incorrect language such as “irregardless”.
  • Using lazy words. You may have a master’s degree in computer science, but if you use sloppy phrases like “you know” and “got it”, you will lose credibility.
  • Giggling. Many people laugh or giggle to hide their anxiety or discomfort in a stressful situation. Don’t do it.
  • Hiding your hands. If you have a tendency to gesticulate widely, don’t solve the problem by putting your hands in your pockets. Using your hands to make a point is perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t overdo it. Hiding your hands in your pocket can be perceived as sneaky.
  • Inappropriate touching. You may shake hands with people, but any other type of touching can be misinterpreted and considered offensive.
  • Gum chewing. Absolutely not under any circumstances.
  • Throat clearing. Constantly clearing your throat can be very distracting to your audience. Try to swallow quietly if you must.

Some of these things are common sense, but some of these took me by surprise. The first impression is very important and being articulate helps out a lot.

They also provided an example in the story that could be helpful for some of you. Any thoughts on the advice this piece gives?


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