Super Bowl XLV: Who am I going to cheer for?

Nice ball.

Today is the Super Bowl and I am going to enjoy the game very much. The Packers and Steelers are two very good teams and this might be the most evenly matched Super Bowl ever.

I am going to eat so much and enjoy this game very much. But like many Super Bowls that don’t involve the 49ers, I will have to dub one team as the evil team and one team as the good team.

As a kid growing up, I really liked the Steelers. They had a cool helmet and they looked badass. I appreciate what Ben Roethlisberger has done as a quarterback and the defense is phenomenal. But as a 49ers fan, I don’t want to see the Steelers win more Super Bowls and separate themselves in front of the 49ers even more.

That means, the Packers are the team to cheer for. Not only do the Packers feature two great Cal players (Aaron Rodgers, Desmond Bishop) but they also feature a San Jose State player in James Jones. I went to school with him at State!

Because of all that, I am sticking with the Packers. They have players I like and the Steelers just have too much going that I need the Packers to win. But most of all, I am just hoping for a really good game with solid commercials.

And I hope the Black Eyed Peas stink it up. I can’t stand them.

** Random note. The last six Super Bowl winners wore white jerseys. The Steelers are wearing white today.

*** Another random note. The last 13 opening coin tosses have been won by the NFC. I expect the Packers to win that toss.


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