Custom painting my Giants Snoopy bobblehead to an Athletics bobblehead

I’ve finally completed the trio Oakland Athletics Peanuts bobbleheads. After painting my San Francisco Giants Lucy bobblehead to an Oakland A’s bobblehead (VIDEO HERE) and also giving Charlie Brown a new look too, I decided to finish the trio by adding Snoopy into the mix.

There have been only three MLB teams that have released Snoopy bobbleheads: the Angels, Pirates and Giants. I had to pick one of them to buy and then custom paint.

I didn’t particularly like the Angels one because it didn’t feature a baseball cap. The Pirates one was not too bad but it looked too small and would be really hard to paint. I then settled buying a Giants one for $40 and decided that I wanted to add a current uniform to the dog.

The Lucy bobblehead I painted was from the 1981 season. The Charlie Brown one was the uniform the team wore during the 1970s. Since road uniforms are very rare on bobbleheads, I decided to turn Snoopy into a road dog. Plus, painting the words “Oakland” across the uniform was much easier than trying to paint “Athletics”, so the road grays was the decision I stuck with.

I bought the bobblehead about a week ago but I delayed it until this past weekend because I knew this project could take at least two days. I wanted a weekend in which I knew I had time to paint and concentrate.

(If you’re too lazy to read my “in-depth” detailing of it all, just scroll down to the photo slideshow.)

The entire custom painted bobblehead gang.

The approach of painting this bobblehead was the same approach I had for the previous ones. I first started by painting the cap (so I can hold the base without getting my hands dirty). Since this bobblehead had a raised logo on the cap, I had to add a lot of acrylic paint onto it to take away the imprint of the SF logo. (I also kept the underbrim black to match it with the current New Era caps).

After painting the entire cap green, I then went to the belt. The belt was very difficult to paint because I had to be real detailed in making sure the paint was in a shape of a rectangle. Also, I had to avoid painting over the belt buckle since I wanted to keep that part of the belt. I had to use toothpicks to carefully dab around it to make sure I didn’t cover the buckle.

After the belt, the rest of the uniform was painted gray. I didn’t want to put too many layers of paint since that could take away the effect of the belt loops on the pants. I even put on saran wrap over one of Snoopy’s hands to avoid getting paint on his white paws.

After painting the uniform gray, I painted his feet to white shoes followed by painting on the left sleeve logo patch and the collar. I had to just paint in a green silhouette of the left elephant logo since being too detailed would be really difficult.

I then added the MLB logo to the back part of the cap and the jersey (trying to keep it as close as the current uniform) along with his name and number. I chose the number 1 because it was the easiest number to paint on and it was my homage to Nomah (not really).

With a toothpick, I carefully applied the A’s logo on the cap with little dabs. Then on the jersey, I used a pencil to outline “Oakland” across the chest before using the toothpicks again to dab on the paint following the outline. I dabbed on the Oakland in yellow and then on top of it, I dabbed it again with green. That was the easiest way to do it for me.

I then painted on the number to the front of the jersey and that was it. It was the toughest bobblehead I had ever custom painted.

Like last time, I got approval from the Oakland A’s on Twitter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To my knowledge, there have not been any other baseball-themed bobbleheads from Peanuts available on the market. I’m hoping for either a Linus or Woodstock one to surface real soon.



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7 responses to “Custom painting my Giants Snoopy bobblehead to an Athletics bobblehead

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  3. Mike

    Are any of the Peanuts/ A’s bobble heads for sale in particular snoopy or Charlie Brown ? If so how much.

  4. luvei

    what kind of paint are you using, and how do you seal the paint to stop it from chipping off. I got a custom bobblehead and they messed up the skin color so I need to repaint it.

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