Time to party like it’s 1999: I just bought tickets to see Prince

Yesterday I found out via a billboard that Prince was doing two concerts next week (Monday and Wednesday). I love Prince. Prince is one of the most influential music artists in my life. I have to see him.

He's so awesome.

Surprisingly, tickets for the concert went on sale today and I bought it. It was weird that they would go on sale only a couple days before the show, but I am just glad I got them.

I don’t know what got me into Prince so much. I first got a chance to listen to his music when I was in high school during the summer. I was a leader in a summer camp and on our weekly trip to the Chinatown library, I found a copy of “Purple Rain” and borrowed it. I listened to it and ever since then, my life hasn’t been the same in terms of music.

He’s so manly, he’s so awesome! It wasn’t until later into my college years where I grabbed his greatest hits and was blown away. Songs like “7”, “Little Red Corvette” and “Raspberry Beret” just showed me how great of an artist he is. Even his music today is still fun to listen to.

He doesn’t get enough credit as a musician and some people don’t understand his style of music (and the way he dresses, looks and talks). But in terms of a musical genius, he’s that right there.

I was pretty excited to go to the First Avenue club in Minnesota this past summer. That was where “Purple Rain” was filmed and where he got his first start as a musician. Now I get to finally see one of my favorite artists that got big before I was born.

Prince was on top of my “Must see” list and on Wednesday, I will do just that. I don’t think I can contain myself until then.




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4 responses to “Time to party like it’s 1999: I just bought tickets to see Prince

  1. Buzz Brazelton

    Don’t know that the words manly and prince have ever colided in a sentence until right now.

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