My awesome night watching Prince rock Oakland

The sweet stage.

Last night I attended one of the best concerts in the world. I may be biased since Prince was on top of my list of artists to see live, but he clearly knows how to entertain and I was in a whole world of amazement.

My friend Maccewill and I go to Oracle at around 6:15 and when the doors opened 15 minutes later, we rushed right through to the merchandise stand. Having been to previous concerts, buying the merchandise early is always a good plan. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything really cool except for a tour shirt (without dates sadly) and a raspberry beret. I stuck with the shirt.

They did sound checks, so we waited before we were allowed to our seats. After we got settled, Larry Graham and his band (Graham Central Station) started off the evening with a sweet set of hits, including a few of his work while with Sly and the Family Stone. The one-hour set featured the original drummer from the band too. It was a total party.

They went to intermission and during that time I wondered if Carlos Santana would show up. He performed during Monday’s show and during intermission, they showed clips of Santana during the 1960s. Santana didn’t show up but the evening got off to a great start.

That was how the concert started and Prince rocked the entire arena. I was so excited to be able to see one of the most influential artists in my life. I didn’t know which songs he would do but when he played this next one, I was near frozen.

“Little Red Corvette” is my favorite song from him and the guitar solo was pure magical. The stage, the lights and everything was something to behold.

One of the cool things about the show was that it was a stage for Sheila E to also perform her classic song “Glamorous Life” along with other songs with Prince. She looked and sounded great the entire evening. Both Sheila E, Graham Central Station and Prince all did a jam together on stage too. They did cover songs of different bands and they would pop up from the stage floor.

I was so excited that I took a picture of the stage and tweeted it.

As I was trying to tweet this on my phone, Prince stopped singing and told the crowd, “Stop tweeting, I’m right here!” (Or something like that.)

How did Prince know that I was tweeting? He was talking to me!

Prince did a little dance when he did “Kiss” and he did a lot of shaking.

He ended the concert with “Purple Rain” and it was a great ending to the show. People were so into it and you can hear me singing with him.

It wasn’t over obviously. The crowd cheered and Prince returned for an encore. And much like the movie Purple Rain, he ended the show with “Baby I’m a Star”. That was the final song and he left the stage.

But wait… the crowd cheered some more and he came back for a second encore.

He did some great classics like “Pop Life”, “If I Was Ur Girlfriend” and “Alphabet Street”. He even teased the crowd by playing the opening notes of  “Darling Nikki” twice, but he didn’t sing it.

He goofed around by playing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce to get the attention of Sheila E. He also played piano and gave us a little bit of “When Doves Cry” and it was just so cool for him to do so many great hits.

“So many hits, I could do this all night!” Prince told the crowd. Oh man, I wish he did.

Check out the photos on my Facebook.

(Prince has a thing against YouTube having his music and the original vids of the concert I uploaded have already been taken down. Don’t know how long the ones I upped will be available. Any suggestion of a free online host?)

Anyway, here’s the setlist from the evening:

Let’s Go Crazy
Little Red Corvette

Sheila E onstage

Glamourous Life
Somewhere Here On Earth
I Love U But I Don’t Trust U Anymore

A Love Bizarre (with Sheila E)
Play That Funky Music

Larry Graham back onstage with members of the Family Stone

Sexy Dancer / Freak Out (Le Freak)
Thank you (Sly cover)
Love Rollercoaster / Housequake (snippet) [cellphones waving side to side]
If I was Ur Girlfriend
Purple Rain

Baby I’m A Star

Prince on the piano with programmed samples…
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl / Sign O’ the Times / Alphabet Street / Forever in my Life / Darling Nikki (snippet) / Pop Life / Single Ladies / Darling Nikki again (a tease)
Black Sweat / Single Ladies (snippet).

The Bird
Jungle Love


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