Dream jobs I’ve always wanted since I was a kid until now

I had this random thought pop into my head and I thought I’d share it with you all.

As a kid, when teachers talk about careers, they always tell kids that they could be anything they want. They could be president (unless the kid was foreign, then they couldn’t), a fireman, a teacher, an astronaut, all the things that sounded cool to the kids.

I had no aspirations to be put in a role of super responsibilities. I wanted to do something that just seemed super cool. Over the years as a kid up until right now at the age of 24 21, I still think about some possible fun careers I might have had. I still could reach these goals, but it’s always fun to dream.

One thing I knew I never wanted to be was anything that was typical Chinese. I hated math and science, so accounting, engineering, or any of that stuff was not in my plans. I love helping people but I hated the idea of being a doctor. I just didn’t want to be restrained in such an environment of responsbilities.

But here are the things that I wanted to be since I was a kid.

  • Athlete: Every kid that plays sports has dreams of being an athlete. I wanted to be either a football player, baseball player or basketball player. I loved playing sports. But it was hard since I had no genes that allowed me to grow a certain height and since my dad never encouraged me to play sports, my exposure to it was limited. I played basketball in elementary school but my dad didn’t care for me missing homework time. Then when I played tennis in high school, I don’t think he wanted me to do that either. When someone asked me why I didn’t play baseball in high school, since I loved it so much, my dad said that I wasn’t strong. Sucks… it would have been nice to give sports a try.
  • Rock star or crapper: Rock stars looked cool. I wanted to be cool like a rock star. Then when I got into rap, I wanted to be the first successful Chinese rapper. Being a crapper was a dream but then Jin showed up and I realized I had no rhymes. I had dreams of what my album covers would look like and all that stuff. But it never came to pass.
  • Ice cream tester: Quite simply, I test out ice cream flavors. That’s all I do. Probably doesn’t get paid much, but it’s a cool idea.
  • Movie director: I want to do scary movies where it reaches deep into the audiences’ top fears. Yeah, that would win me an Oscar.
  • Sportswriter: This is actually a dream come true. I’m still trying to find my niche but when I started writing wrestling stories in high school, I found a passion to tell stories. And since I love sports, I wanted to tell the story of sports. Unlike other kinds of news reporting, sports is a pure form of reality. It’s a struggle and a battle for the athletes. It’s beautiful.
  • Restaurant owner: Having worked in food service in college, I found a passion for cooking and serving food. I still think that when I retire, I would open up a small restaurant. It would have an open kitchen so the customers can see their food being prepared. There will be TVs and a bar for sports fans, there will be an area where families can eat. Outdoor seating is available and the food will be a combination of American style, Chinese style and a whole lot of other things that I create. One day, I will buy out this place in Berkeley and run it myself. This is the perfect model of what I want.
  • Fashion designer for sports uniforms: To go along the line of my passion for sports, I like to design uniforms. Or at least imagine what uniforms should look like. I have no background in fashion, but it would be pretty cool to see my product on the field every day.
  • Photographer: Since they don’t pay well, it was just an idea. And since I don’t own a fancy camera, it’s hard for me to put this into use. I have great ideas of shooting photos, but nothing to make it happen.
  • Actor: Two years of drama in high school. Yeah, I can be a star!

Right now, I am pursuing the sportswriter thing. It’s a really cool profession since I have been involved in it for the past couple years and I feel that I’ve learned a lot.

But if it doesn’t work out for me, I’ll be OK. I just want a successful career. I don’t need to be famous. I just need something that makes me happy. Let’s give this job hunt some months and see where it leads me.


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