Question: What’s the difference between a chair and a table? Answer: None

Best of both worlds?

I was watching the NFL Combine on TV today and one of the players talked about the interview questions he was asked. Here are a couple of them:

  • What’s the difference between an orange and an apple?
  • If you were dropped off in the middle of the forest, how do you get back to the city?

These are common interview-type questions that forces the potential employer to think quick. It also allows the employer to see how quick an interviewee can solve a problem.

One question that was asked really stood out to me:

  • What are the similarities and differences between a table and a chair?

The common response was that both have legs, but one is used for sitting and one is used for placing things upon.

I thought to myself that the answers were the correct ones and it was just an easy question. Then I started to think a little bit more and realized that they were wrong.

Yes, the similarities are that they both have legs placed on top of a platform. But other than that, there are no differences.

The reason why I think this is because I have used a table before as a chair, sitting on it. And at the same time, I have used chairs as my table. Both chairs and tables can be used as sitting tools or placing tools. It’s just that people choose to use them differently.

Both are just platforms with legs to hold it up. That’s what makes them all the same. How people elect to use them is not something that can be assessed in what makes them different because it varies from different people. Answering with only solidified facts is probably what the interviewer is looking for. That’s the guaranteed fact that we know about them.

If I was asked that, this is how I would respond. They either might think I am a genius or they think I’m too crazy over-analyzing a simple question. Either way, I stick with what I believe. There is no difference between a chair and a table. They’re both the same.


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