Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

I want one of these!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

Since my name has been rhymed so much, a lot of people have connected me to one of his most famous books: “Green Eggs and Ham”.

In fact, this blog is an inspiration from him and it is a shame that I never got a chance to meet him. I bet he would have loved to have rhymed with my name. I know I would have loved it!

Surprisingly, my favorite book from Dr. Seuss isn’t “Green Eggs and Ham”. It’s actually “The Cat in the Hat”. That was the first Dr. Seuss book I ever owned and I had the sequel, “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back”. I think because I read those all the time they became my favorite.

I never actually owned a copy of “Green Eggs and Ham” and I kinda wish I did. Maybe I’ll buy me a copy somewhere down the line. That would be nice.


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