My Maurice Jones-Drew autograph finally came in after 42 days

Forty-two days ago, I won a Twitter contest held by the Jacksonville Jaguars. And finally today, I received my prize.

I was promised an autographed photo, but this works out even better.

I had submitted my mailing address to them the day I won the prize and I got suspicious that my prize hadn’t come in after two weeks. Other winners from the contest tweeted their prizes and I was wondering why I never got mine.

I decided to tweet back to the Jaguars Twitter account and they said that mine would be coming in soon. It did not. After another two weeks, I sent an e-mail to the team. I was told that because I had sent the wrong address, it got returned.

I e-mailed them back saying that the address I had provided was correct and asked how was that possible. I also asked why no one had told me that my prize had been sent back because of a mailing snafu. They did not respond to my e-mail. It seemed suspicious. Did they just forget to mail it and try to make up a story? Did they not have an autograph?

Finally today after another week of waiting, I called them and they confirmed with me that the packaged had been sent out a few days earlier. They told me that instead of the promised autographed photo, I’d get an autographed mini helmet. They apologized and said that they had written the wrong address the first time.

A couple hours later, the mailwoman came and delivered my MJD autographed helmet. It took 42 days and a lot of me trying to figure things out, but I finally got what I deserved.



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