What is your image of God?

In "The Simpsons", God is unlike the people on the show -- God has five fingers.

One of the most interesting and unique and challenging aspects of being a Christian is trying to explain to someone our image of God. Without having a concrete photographic image of Him, how can we describe Him?

Especially if we were asked to draw His image, it would be very difficult. But if I had to draw God, I would take into account of all His characteristics and try to draw something that reminds me just of that.

It got me to thinking about how some other people view God and how they portray him to the world. Here are some images that have stuck out to me:

Kinda scary.

The image of an angry God is probably one that some people have. To them, God is all so powerful that we have to fear Him. That kind of fear goes along that if we screw up, God will destroy us.

It’s a tough image and one that makes sense in terms of portrayal. People have felt that God has hurt them and that all the bad things in the world are from God, and that God will continue to allow bad things to happen.

God isn’t supposed to be like that. God is supposed to be caring and approachable, not some kind of warden at a penitentiary.

It’s the love factor that’s missing in this portrayal. But I can totally see where people would get that image.

A sense of humor makes God likable.

A God that has a sense of humor is probably the image that most people like to see in Him. That He’s very approachable and very caring makes it much easier for them to approach their faith in Him.

People like find comfort in a God they can identify with. One of my favorite ones is from “That 70s Show” where Eric and Hyde were asked to draw an image of God. Their interpretations got me laughing:

Some people try to identify God like that. Not saying that Eric Clapton is God, but Clapton contains a characteristic that’s so awesome, it’s godly. Both these guys see something in Clapton’s music that’s so out of this world, they can’t understand that it’s human.

They take that image of God — something so awesome that’s out of this world — and they find it in the music of Eric Clapton.

The voice is awesome.

That kind of goes along with “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty” when the portrayal of God is Morgan Freeman.

People imagine that if God had a voice, it had to be as soothing as Freeman’s. In fact, it would be pretty cool if God spoke to us in Freeman’s voice.

But that goes along with the previous assessment with Clapton — people can’t fathom God so they try to compare Him to things of this world that we love so much.

And that is probably the best assessment we can make of God’s image: love. It’s so hard to put into words sometimes that the best way for us to describe is to use examples of things we love. Whether its music, a voice or even a sense of humor, that’s what we love in this world and that’s what we want to see in God.

"South Park" depicts God as a rodent because the audience wouldn't expect such a weird image.

God’s not so far-fetched out there that we have to have a strange image of Him because we feel no connection.

It was just interesting to do a little search around the web to see the other depictions of God. One thing that is common about most of these interpretations is that God has characteristics of things we know in life. It makes it easier for everyone to identify with and easiest to tell other people.

I guess that’s probably how I would depict God if I had to draw out an image of Him. I’m not sure, however, if I would try to actually draw a face with a body. Maybe it might be easier if I just draw out things about God that I like a lot.

Drawing the human race in peace. A beautiful world, a place of joy and unison. Healing, hope and an eternal love. I’m not too sure how I would draw all that, but that’s OK — I’ll just draw.



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2 responses to “What is your image of God?

  1. Check out Col. 1:15. Says Jesus is the image of the invisible God. How awesome to think that when we try to imagine God, He tells us look no further than Jesus. I like this because this means God didn’t expect us to understand who He was before He reached out to us and talked to us in our own language and met us where we were. That’s huge.

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