This commercial gives off a wrong and confusing message

These kinds of commercials where they encourage kids to be honest is a good thing. But this scenario just doesn’t make sense. If you read the comments on the video’s page, you can see that a lot of people feel that this commercial is sending the wrong message.

It’s fine to be honest, but I don’t know if it’s wise to try to correct a referee’s call in a championship game. More importantly, telling the referee that after the timeout and expecting him to change it won’t happen — it never does. Because if he does change it, then that timeout goes to waste for the other team since they were not aware of the call change.

And I don’t think he touched it. Sportsmanship is the ability to play the game within the rules with respect to the opposition and officials. This commercial shows none of that. The commercial tries to send a good message, but they did it all wrong. Maybe if the refs apologized for their mistake, then it would make sense.


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