Charlie Sheen, ‘winning’ and the sad pathetic state of the American attention span through social media

So it’s been about a week since Charlie Sheen did something and people are all about it. I don’t even know why it’s so popular but somehow the term “Winning” is popular and some garbage about “Tiger Blood” is popular too.

The only “Winning” I care about is this awesome song by Santana.

This reminds me of the time when Chuck Norris got popular and people started to post status updates on Facebook about how Chuck Norris is awesome and all that. It lasted for weeks and I still don’t understand what the fascination was about it.

Obviously, if I wasn’t on Twitter or on Facebook, I wouldn’t know a single thing about this Charlie Sheen nonsense. I watched Saturday Night Live this past week and they had a skit about Sheen. I didn’t understand a single joke because it was just pretty lame at how his interviews got so popular.

And it doesn’t help that now he’s so accessible on Twitter and starts¬†giving people lame false hopes.

So what is this fascination about Sheen? He didn’t do anything important. All he did was probably do a lot of drugs, say a lot of stupid things and people are eating it up.

One of the scariest things that I have learned from social media is that people can be swayed so easily by the trendiest things. Even if it makes no sense or has nothing to do with them, they’ll eat it up.


This guy is popular now because he was probably high out of his mind?

When the words “fail” and “epic” got popular a year ago and people started to use it in every other sentence, it seemed like that people are so concerned about going along with trends. They never used those words in that fashion before, but because somehow it’s popular, it becomes a part of their vocabulary. It’s really sad to see how the American population can be influenced so much by so little.

If there weren’t social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (I still don’t know what that is), maybe Charlie Sheen’s nonsense doesn’t become popular and “winning” doesn’t become a popular thing.

But we do have it and now he has become a major fad. A fad that doesn’t make sense and has no solid validation of being any use to us. Why does the American public get swayed so easily by this kind of nonsense and garbage?

“Winning”? Looks more like “losing” to me — Sheen losing his mind and people following him.

*** I’ve never seen “Two and a Half Men” and I am glad I never have. The show looked lame to begin with anyway. And Charlie Sheen isn’t even his real name!

(So popular, they have music videos of him)


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