Two hot new albums that are quite jamming

I haven’t really focused on the current music scene for the past couple years. I think that my time focused on other things have taken my opportunities to listen to current artists. Most of my time now is consumed with artists of years past. In fact, the last two concerts I went to featured artists that made their mark in music way before I was born (Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Prince).

But this week, I got a chance to download two new albums from artists that I really dig.

Sick beats!

The first album I listened to today (while I continued my job search on the computer) was Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers” album. Lupe had been rumored to be finished with music and his new album was heavily anticipated. I gave this album a twirl and the first impression I got was that the beats were really fresh.

The flows are just like how I remembered Lupe in his last two albums. Overall, this album is a smooth listen and something that I would just jam to on long drives down to random places. I really like this new album.

An amazing album.

The other album I checked out was “Collapse Into Now” by R.E.M. This band has been around since the early 1980s and even though they are a little old school, they still kn0w how to put out good music.

The album is short, much like their last album “Accelerate“, but this new album goes a little more deeper. And it has a good variety of slow and upbeat songs. It’s still very nice to be able to hear a classic R.E.M.-style album.

It’s not like their work of the past, but it still is a really beautiful album and might be one of their better ones in recent memory.


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