Prayers of hope for the people affected by the earthquake in Japan

It’s been about 24 hours since news broke about the earthquake in Japan. The following tsunami warnings here on the West Coast also brought a huge scare to me this morning.

Right now, over 400 people are reported dead and that total will continue to rise with numerous people still missing.

One of the biggest things that I noticed during this 24-hour period was the reaction of people through social media on the Internet.

There was one very insensitive publication that occurred (which I did catch this morning before it was taken down) from the place I used to intern. They’ve since taken it down and put up a statement with explanation (good move) and they’re making a donation to the Red Cross.

Other than that mishap, I have seen nothing but a bunch of support on Twitter about the devastation. Lots of athletes and celebrities have been sending out their prayers and encouraging donations to aide the relief effort.

Even on Facebook, lots of my friends are also very concerned about people they know in Japan. But overall, it’s a lot of concern and hope that things will get better.

That’s a good thing to see; that people do care.

I still don’t know how to react in a time like this. Back in 1989, I was only three years old when the earthquake happened and I don’t remember a thing from it. Since then, there have been minor earthquakes here in California and I never thought much of them as they occurred. I guess I’m used to it but I don’t know how I would react if it had a 1989-type magnitude.

Throughout this whole time I have been keeping my eyes on the Internet for news as well as watching the TV as they had tsunami warnings for Santa Cruz. It is just scary.

But throughout all this, I knew that one thing I could do immediately was to just pray.

Lots of people question why God would allow bad things to happen in the world. It’s a hard question to answer. I still don’t know how to carefully put it into words as I type, but I can say that God is grieving with us. There is no joy in bad things happening on earth. But we know God can help us get out of it — and that’s why we pray.

“I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things.”
Isaiah 45:7 ESV

God is all-powerful and in control of everything. I believe that through God, He can do great things to help us get out of this situation. He has this great hand over the people in Japan and through continuous prayer, our faith can help.

First and foremost, we have to believe that God is in control. When we can truly grasp that, our prayers will be the strongest. We can’t expect immediate improvement — but in good faith, we know it will be done.

Please continue to pray for the everybody affected by the earthquake. I pray that God will show a bright light on this world and reveal the beauty of His compassion. And ultimately, pray for healing all over the world.


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