Americanized ethnic foods and other things that confuse me

Almost needed that.

Yesterday I had Chipotle for the first time ever. I have seen this chain all over the place and seen people eat it a lot. I had avoided it for the longest time because I have a high standard for Mexican food.

Having lived in San Jose for about six years, I have had my share of what should be a good burrito. I was very hesitant to try Chipotle since it isn’t authentic. But I was with friends and I gave it a shot. They had buffalo meat, so I tried that. My burrito ended up being so big that I didn’t finish it. It was kinda expensive and overall, the taste was OK. It’s probably not a place I’d go to ever again just because I know where to get better food.

This goes along the line with restaurants like Panda Express (which I got food poisoning from even though I knew I shouldn’t have tried it) and Taco Bell. These restaurants, which are run by Americans, serve no purpose in giving the people authentic food. Why do so many Americans want to take something and ruin it?

It’s like P.F. Changs; people disguise it as Chinese food but it really isn’t. Why do they continue to let this happen? Chinese people don’t even work there!

I guess I still haven’t figured out why people would go to restaurants that aren’t serving authentic foods. They know it’s not authentic, yet they continue to give it business. The food doesn’t taste that good, so why?

Is it because White America want to take over other people’s culture? Are they jealous of what the minorities have?

Maybe since I am Chinese I know what good Chinese food tastes like. Seeing Panda Express and P.F. Changs around just really bothers me. It’s restaurants that are pretending to be a part of my culture, but they aren’t. The lies are all bad.

All I know is that places like these will not have my business ever again. I know where to get the good kind of food.


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