Watching ‘The Fab Five’ reminds me of how much I love sports documentaries

I just finished watching this awesome documentary about the Fab 5. There’s no reason to go into detail about who these guys are and what they did. But if you want to catch this documentary, they are airing it on ESPN Classic on Monday (check the times on it). That might be the last time it will be aired on television.

Anyway, the whole Fab 5 era occurred when I was around 5. I never watched these guys play live. In fact, I only knew things about them growing up as a kid and mainly it was Chris Webber’s timeout that I knew.

Even though they never won a championship, they changed the world of basketball.

It wasn’t until I got older when I started to look up information on my own and just really see the huge influence these guys had on the game of basketball for two years. The black socks and shoes, the baggy shorts and the on-court swagger was oh so new to the basketball world. They weren’t ready for it then, but not it’s the norm all over the place.

I love watching documentaries about sports because most times it’s the main figures telling their side of the story. Through the media and other outlets, we never get to see the entire story. It’s always a little bit here and there, but never the entire thing.

More importantly, I learn a lot more when I watch these documentaries. There was so much about the Fab Five that I never knew about. The entire film just made me appreciate those guys a lot more.

This film was very well-produced that even a non-sports fan could enjoy it. I recommend this movie to anyone. You should go check it out before they stop airing it.

I am glad that ESPN is doing their 30 for 30 series of films. I’ve caught most of them and many of them have taught me so much about the games I love to watch and play. This is one of the best things that ESPN has put out in recent memory.


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