What am I going to do now with the NFL lockout in place?

I had thought for a while that I would leave my 49ers writing job sometime within the next several months to pursue a full-time, better paying job. And now with the lockout in place, I really need to find that job.

Since there will be no football for a while (possibly until September), that would force me to try to write stories and articles on things that aren’t there. The NFL Draft will still take place, but after that, there will be nothing to write about.

So right now, I am still writing about the 49ers and the upcoming draft. But after that, it’s pretty much going to be dry. I will need to find a new job (preferably away from home) so I can just get a fresh start in life.

My career is in a little limbo right now and I don’t know what I am going to do. I am hoping that I can still remain on the West Coast and find a job far enough from home where I don’t have to deal with all the problems I have right now.

We’ll see how this all unfolds as the pressure continues to mount on me. I’m a little scared about where I’ll be in the next several months. Hopefully a company picks up my application and likes what they see in my resume. Crossing my fingers on it.


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