Japan earthquake devastation brings out the most racist, ignorant people on Facebook

Over the weekend, a friend pointed out to me that there wasn’t as much support for Japan as I had initially thought. My friends on Facebook all poured out their support for the people affected by the earthquake. However, not the rest of the country felt that way.

Through a search of the term “Pearl Harbor” on American Facebook status updates after the earthquake struck, we found out that there are a lot of ignorant, racist folks out there. These people think that Japan deserved what they got because of “karma” for Pearl Harbor.

I can’t even go into detail how terrible that idea is. Both incidents have nothing to do with each other. And more importantly, whenever people die, it’s never something to be celebrated.

Here’s a look at some of those status updates (click image to enlarge):

Click on the image for a full view of the ignorant people.


I think right now not only should our prayers go out to the victims of the quake, but also the ignorant people out there. I would have never imagined that people felt this way. It really is pretty shocking at how dumb a lot of Americans are.

Let’s continue to pray for the victims and these morons here in the States. I just hope that we can eliminate such negativity around the world. We need to continue to stay strong and continue to believe that God will help us get through all this.

Also, if you want help make a donation to the Red Cross to help support the victims, click this link.




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3 responses to “Japan earthquake devastation brings out the most racist, ignorant people on Facebook

  1. That is absolutely ridiculous. They obviously forgot about the bomb that killed THOUSANDS of Japanese and ruined lives for the following generation. If anything, America is the country overdue for karma payback.

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