I gotta get back to some more walking soon

Never seen this, but I like the poster.

I miss walking. I haven’t done some good quality walking in a long time.

Now I may sound like some old person, but it’s true. Walking used to be my consistent form of daily exercise. And now with me stuck at home looking for a job (and the weather being nasty), I don’t walk ask much.

When I used to volunteer at summer camp, we did a lot of walking to and from the park. I was actually somewhat really healthy during those summers.

It was a lot of walking, not a lot of eating (since I was limited in what I could bring as lunch in a backpack to a park) and pretty much spending the whole day on my feet. That was some good times.

Then when I was in high school, I had to walk to the BART station to go home every day. And in college, I had to walk to all my classes. I didn’t drive then so walking to places (and the occasional public transportation) was the norm for me.

In fact, in college, I worked about 11 blocks away from work. Every weekend I would walk to and from work. It was good exercise. I liked it. I had time to just enjoy the outdoors and the things going on. Even walking with people was good too. It allowed me to talk and just enjoy company.

It’s a little tougher now since I don’t have places to go. Even in my last internship, I would only have to walk three blocks to get to work. And that wasn’t much of an adventure. Sometimes I would take a longer detour just to get my walk on.

I would like to at least every day get out and take a walk somewhere. But it’s not that enjoyable if I have no purpose or place to go to on my walk. And I don’t want to force myself to do it. I rather have it become a necessary part of my routine. Hopefully my next job will be walking distance from my home, so I can get my walk on daily.

Maybe once this weather gets better, I’ll go out for a walk to places I’ve never been. I gotta get back on my feet. I miss those walks.


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