Custom painting a Charlie Brown bobblehead to the SF Giants/Gigantes jersey (and I’ll never do it again)

This is the first (and probably only time) that I will ever paint a bobblehead into San Francisco Giants colors. As you can see from my previous work, I’m all about the A’s. But since my friend’s birthday had passed and he really likes the Giants, I decided to give him a surprise bobblehead as a gift.

I won another eBay auction for a Kings Island version of the Charlie Brown bobblehead. Other teams that have had stadium giveaways of Charlie Brown that are too expensive. Getting a Kings Island version was actually easier since there weren’t any raised logos on the bobblehead. That would save me a lot of time in terms of painting.

My friend’s favorite Giants jersey is the Gigantes one, so I decided to paint the bobblehead into the road gray uniforms they for the past two seasons on the road against the Cerveceros (Brewers). Fortunately, I had worked on this specific bobblehead in the past, so I knew exactly what I needed to do.

The Peanuts gang -- all my painted bobbleheads.

(If you’re too lazy to read my “in-depth” detailing of it all, just scroll down to the photo slideshow.)

The process for painting the bobblehead didn’t take me that long. The hardest part was to get the team script and sleeve patch. I decided to use a clear adhesive mailing label from Office Max. I could have printed the logo onto it with an inkjet printer and just applied, but I decided to instead draw the logo on the label instead (a little bit more of a good challenge).

It took me about an hour just to get the labels completed because I had to measure the size of each logo in comparison to the bobblehead. With a little help from a ballpoint pen, a few Sharpies, a brown color pencil and a decent pair of eyes, I was able to draw and color in the logos.

After that, I started to paint. I painted the cap first so I could hold the base without getting my hand wet. After that, I painted the jersey all gray. I would use a cotton swab to dab the paint onto the name on the back and onto the numbers after I layered them.

Painting the sleeves wasn’t difficult since I made them really big. I used a toothpick to paint the black line in after at first painting in the orange part.

For the SF logo on the cap, it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. Pencil shows up real well on acrylic paint, so I penciled in the SF logo before I slowly applied the orange paint onto it with my toothpick.

On the sleeve patch, I had to paint a white dot onto the sleeve before applying the patch because of the image of a baseball in the logo. I had no white paint, so I needed to paint that part in so it will see through the clear adhesive. I applied that and the script across the chest.

I also added “Campeones del Mundo” on the front. It’s Spanish for “World Champions”. It goes along nicely with the theme.

For the finishing touch, a friend recommended that in order to maintain its look, I should use a matte varnish. I applied one layer of the varnish on the bobblehead, giving it a subtle shine (and also ensuring that the paint doesn’t crack). And with that, I have a four-hour project completed.

I want to thank my mini fan for helping speed up the paint drying process. And here’s a slideshow of it all for your viewing pleasure. Now if only I can get someone to buy the new Giants gold caps off me….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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2 responses to “Custom painting a Charlie Brown bobblehead to the SF Giants/Gigantes jersey (and I’ll never do it again)

  1. Matt

    What kind of paint do you use?

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