My 1986 Oakland A’s custom painted Woody (Toy Story) bobblehead

The final result. I'm very proud of this one.

This is my latest bobblehead project. I figured that since my other three Oakland A’s bobbleheads feature jerseys in white, gold and gray, I had to make one in green. I decided to take the 1986 jersey as my choice for green.

This took me six hours because the legs were held up by a magnet. And since the magnets fell off, I had to hold onto the legs the whole time instead of using its base.

I wanted to be as accurate as possible, so I decided to put the OAKLAND script on the jersey. In order to do that, I had to break off the arms. Luckily this bobblehead was made in 2004, so the glue was old and the arms came off easily. I used a clear adhesive to apply “KLA” to the chest. Then I proceeded to paint.

I won’t go into too much detail. You can see by the slideshow how the process went. I am so glad I had the clear adhesive so I can apply the logo on the block and chest easily by coloring it beforehand.

Everything else about this bobblehead is pretty much similar to my previous bobblehead projects.  The most frustrating part was that the magnets had come off, so I had to use super glue to re-apply them. But the magnets were so strong, that it would get pulled off its base again and again.

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