My night of nostalgia with Dru Hill (along with an arrest after the concert)

Last night I went to see Dru Hill in concert. They were my favorite R&B group growing up in elementary school. Their harmonic sounds and catchy tunes was what made my discovery of music so much fun. I own all their albums and this was my first time ever seeing these guys in concert.

The evening first started off with a trip to Yoshi’s. The restaurant is right next to the theater and the food was quite pricey, but quite good. You can see the pictures here.

The show started at 10:30 and the group performed for about an hour. They did all their classics along with a few new songs too. Nokio seemed a little distracted by his cell phone and even did a disappearing act a few times. He was the last one off the stage, but he kept looking at the crowd teasing an encore.

I never would have thought that I would see Dru Hill in concert. I am so glad that I did.

Nokio did do a cover of Prince’s “Darling Nikki” and he even imitated the floor humping. WOW!

Jazz was the most energetic and his voice is still amazing. Sisqo, with his blond hair, cracked a joke and said that he was Chris Brown. New singer Tao was given a lot of chances to sing and he’s got talent.

What was weird was that there was a guy in the crowd that flashed some paper and after the concert, he was handcuffed (and there were four more people too). It was weird that something was going down. Drugs? I assume drugs. But it was just odd that there were cops all over the place handling business.

Overall, the show was a little short but I got to relive the classics that I grew up with. I loved it!

** And one more interesting note. Since I mentioned Dru Hill on a tweet about the concert, their official Twitter is now following me. Pretty nifty!!!!



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2 responses to “My night of nostalgia with Dru Hill (along with an arrest after the concert)

  1. cool video and pics! glad to see you enjoyed the show. i posted the video you captured on my site, and gave you credit!!

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