A’s vs. Giants exhibition baseball: The games do mean something to me

The Giants won it all last year. Whatever. It's Oakland's time NOW!

Tonight the A’s and Giants clash for an exhibition tussle in San Francisco. Tomorrow, they’ll play in Oakland and I’ll be there. It’s baseball time in the Bay and I cannot be any more excited… well, maybe when Opening Day arrives.

I wrote a guest column for my friend’s Giants blog about my love for the A’s and what this Bay Bridge Series rivalry means to me. Check it out and get a deep look into my real feelings towards the Giants.

I don’t remember what year it was when I went to my first Oakland Athletics game; but I remember that I was still a young lad in elementary school. The Raiders had not returned to Oakland and you could see the Oakland Hills behind the bleachers. The sun was out and in the middle of the gorgeous sunny summer day. I fell in love with baseball.

From that day on, the Oakland A’s were my team. Since I grew up in the East Bay, getting to the Coliseum was much easier than trying to get all the way to Candlestick Park for a game. And since I was an A’s fan, the Giants weren’t a team I … Read More


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