At the ballpark tonight to catch the A’s vs. Giants and to get my baseball on

Took this picture last year. One more trophy would look nice.

Right now I am on my way to the Coliseum for the exhibition game between the Giants and A’s. Before the game, the A’s are having a tailgate/fan fest. It’s a shame that the fan fest is on a Tuesday. Normally it’s held before the A’s/Giants game in Oakland, but since the MLB moved it’s scheduling, the game won’t be on a weekend date.

But anyway, I’m just excited for baseball. The Coliseum is my second home and I am just happy to be back there and watching my A’s. Even though this game doesn’t count for anything, it’s still baseball. It’s still my team on the field.

I get to see the new look A’s team take the field. The new acquisitions like Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham get a chance to show their stuff. The pitching of the new bullpen might get some work tonight. But more importantly, just being in a happy baseball atmosphere is all that I want. I’m gonna enjoy tonight.


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