I gotta say, today was a good day: A’s win, busting a drugged up high school kid and Hometown Buffet isn’t the same anymore

This is my happy face.

Yes, today was a good day. A lot of things happen today and it all started with baseball.

This was the third straight day that I went to the Coliseum to watch the A’s. The first two games were losses, but I was determined to see them win one. They did do that today and that made it a good day. But it was the other things that happened before and after that made it very cool.

I got to the Coliseum stupid early and was like the 13th person inside the stadium. They were giving out Hideki Matsui T-Shirts and I got me one. It looks sweet. As I made my way to the dugout for autographs, I saw Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez tossing the ball. I yelled “¡VIVA VENEZUELA!” to him (where the “V” sounded like a “B”). He looked at me and gave me a nod of the cap. So cool!

As I went down for autographs, I yelled out to Kevin Kouzmanoff that I follow him on Twitter. He acknowledged me and because of that, made his way towards me and signed my ball. Adam Rosales also signed my baseball. Cool guys.

The A’s wore their new gold alts and I love em! And during the game, this happened.

On my way home, I decided to make a phone call to Hat Club in Great Mall. The reason why I had to call was because on Saturday, I experienced something really bad. I went the store and asked one of the employees if they still sold the Bay Bridge Series A’s caps. The guy I asked was this Asian high school kid. He took five seconds to respond and had no idea what I was talking about. That was strange because that cap was their top seller a month ago. He didn’t speak up and had this weird look on his face. I think he was high or something.

So today, I called the Hat Club and told them what happened. The person who answered it apologized and said that that should never happen in the store. He asked me if I remembered what the kid looked like. I said I didn’t. He asked me when I came in the store, and I said it was the mid-afternoon on Saturday. “Was it a short Filipino kid?” the guy asked. I said it was, and the guy on the phone said he knew exactly who I was talking about and he would take care of it.

I hate drugs and it sucks that that kid was so lost and on drugs when I went to the store. He just didn’t seem like he knew what was going on.

I went to Hometown Buffet for dinner because the restaurant I wanted to go to instead was bought out. But anyway, Hometown Buffet changed. Their mac & cheese used to be so so so so so so good. It doesn’t taste that good anymore. Their food wasn’t very appealing either. I had never had any bad experiences there, but this time, it just wasn’t cooked well. It was very disappointing. Will I return there in the future? I don’t know. I hope they can fix their mac & cheese.

So it was more or less of a day full of a lot of things. It was good because the A’s won, I got acknowledgement from a Cy Young winner, got autographs, busted a kid for being on drugs and had OK food at Hometown Buffet.

Oh and one more thing: To harp on the emotions of Giants fans, I bought their new gold caps for $43. I sold it on eBay for $76. Getting the desperate fans is sweet.


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One response to “I gotta say, today was a good day: A’s win, busting a drugged up high school kid and Hometown Buffet isn’t the same anymore

  1. Yeah seattle is sucking up again this year. 4-10 another horrible season ready to be put in the books.

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