MC Jin keeps it real with fans like me

Jin's "AIYA!" phenomenon is catching all over the place.

I’ve been a fan of Jin since he broke into the scene a while back. I follow the guy on Twitter and I subscribe to his blog. Just watching him grow into a great lyricist, becoming a man of God and make big waves in Hong Kong is really cool.

For an ABC, his Cantonese has improved a lot and he just seems to have this real down to earth attitude about things.

Jin in recent weeks has been responding to fans that interact with him on Twitter. It’s really cool to have that connection with the fans. Last night, as I was on Twitter, I saw that he was up responding. I decided to give him a shout out.

Back in March 2006, Alpha Kappa Omega held a benefit charity event to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. (I think it was either a month after Hurricane Katrina or several months into 2006). Jin was the main event for the show. He did a few tracks and topped with off with “Learn Chinese”.

Pretty neat that he even commented on me being an A’s fan. Just a little story I wanted to share.

I can’t wait for his next English album. Should be dope. His last English mixtape was off the chart!


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