Give me White Castle over In-N-Out and Five Guys Burger any day of the week

Best fast food chain in America. The sliders are so good!

There’s this buzz that’s going on around California that Five Guys Burger is giving In-N-Out Burger some competition. People are going crazy over this place.

Five Guys currently has 30 locations in the state but has plans to open up about 100 more in the near future. In-N-Out has been a staple in the West Coast fast food industry and is very popular around these parts.

I’ve been to both places before and both offer good burgers. But none of them make want to high five a stranger. For in fact, there is only one American fast food chain that melts my heart (and probably clogs it too if I eat too much).

That place is White Castle.

Five Guys Burger is an East Coast chain making big waves in California. Yet I still wonder why White Castle isn’t on the West Coast. To me, White Castle offers so many different options for burgers and their sides are very delicious.

When I watched “Harold and Kumar” as a young mustache, I had no idea what White Castle was all about. The movie didn’t make sense to me at all. It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 when I was working in New York when my bus drove by a White Castle on my way back home.

I immediately got off and went in. I ordered the double sliders and chicken rings (chick strips shaped like a ring) and a huge soda. I was filled crazy because the sliders were so awesome. I had never had anything like it.

Now the movie made perfect sense. Heck, if I was high as a kite, I would probably trek a long way to get some White Castle.

Since then, whenever I am on the East Coast or in the Midwest, White Castle is a must. They offer fish sliders, jalapeño sliders and their sides of chicken rings, fish niblets and all the other goodies make it a fun meal.

What makes White Castle so much better than the other two is the taste of the food. Both In-N-Out and Five Guys offer burgers that are very common. Bun, meat, cheese, veggies. It’s very ordinary. It tastes good, but it doesn’t excite me.

White Castle on the other hand offers so many varieties of their sliders. And what even makes them cooler is the fact that they are all small little bites, so I can order a huge amount and share them with friends.

It’s hard to make an argument with this because a lot of my friends here on the West Coast have never had White Castle. I’m not saying that White Castle is the ultimate of all fast food burgers. But compared to In-N-Out and Five Guys, I don’t see the hype for it.

And don’t say that the frozen White Castle sliders you find the in the grocery store is the same. It is not the same.

Maybe I am over-hyping White Castle. Or maybe it’s just that good and so many people here on the West Coast will never know about it.

So as the West Coast prepares for this burger battle, I’ll sit back and dream of the better burger: White Castle. It’s worth the journey.

** Oh, and second best fast food place? It’s in Asia.



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2 responses to “Give me White Castle over In-N-Out and Five Guys Burger any day of the week

  1. Great post. Continue to keep more animated publications. Been following blog for Three days now and I should say I am starting to much like your post. I need to know how can I subscribe to your blog?

    • Thanks.
      If you’re logged into WordPress, there is a subscribe button on top. I don’t know if this has an RSS Feed but you can follow me on Twitter and I link to all my new posts.

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