Good times, bad times, you know I had my share

This will be a simple update since there’s a couple things that I wanted to share from Friday.

  1. I shared my last bobblehead project with Uni Watch and the referrals helped my blog reach its highest one-day site view total ever. My previous high was shattered (kind of) as the blog referred 2,201 clicks to my page, giving my blog a total of 2,652 views for the day. Plus my other posts from that day helped too. My site also reached past the 10,000-view mark today as well.
  2. I went to the A’s game today and I got a free fleece blanket. But the A’s lost by scoring only one run through the first nine innings and the bullpen being forced to hold a small lead. In the 10th inning, the A’s surrendered seven runs. It was ugly.
Just wanted to share. I’ll be back at the Coliseum tonight.

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