Sports Radio 95.7 FM alienates Oakland A’s fans on first full day on air

The radio station advertises the Sharks and As, yet they spent the last hour comparing Barry Zito and JaMarcus Russell.

As a long-time Oakland A’s fan, the past few seasons have been tough in terms of getting a radio station to broadcast their games. Last week, the A’s finally got something good as they officially turned 95.7 FM into the new A’s flagship station.

As I listened to the station for the first time today, all I heard was talk about comparing Barry Zito to JaMarcus Russell. For the first hour of my listening, the supposed A’s flagship station talked about a San Francisco Giant and a non-issue former Raider for an hour. Why are they talking about old news for an hour?

A’s pitcher Dallas Braden just went on the DL and Rich Harden got moved from the 15-day to the 60-day DL. Yet during that entire hour, there was not ONE single mention of this move. Oh yeah, the A’s made a trade today and that wasn’t mentioned either.

I tried to contact the station via Twitter about this and they gave me a very bland response.

Not the answer I was looking for.

Here’s the thing. KNBR 680 AM is the top Bay Area sports station. They talk about the 49ers, Giants and Warriors. That’s their focus.

Fans of the A’s and Sharks don’t have such an outlet. The new station has advertised itself (as you can see by the graphic from their website) that they are all about the A’s and Sharks. Yet for the 90 minutes that I’ve had the radio on to this station — or really, when I actually listened — all the talk has been about Zito, Russell, 49ers and the Giants playing Colorado.

They mentioned the A’s for about five minutes, but none of that revolved around the DL moves and the trade.

I don’t listen to KNBR except when I want to get my Warriors fix. I barely even listen to KNBR for my 49ers fix. I had always wanted a station where they talked about the A’s all the time.

Sports Radio advertised themselves as such and fans were excited. But as you can see on their Facebook page, fans have actually lashed out at them about the nonsense of Giants talk.

The last thing this new station needs from its listeners is for them to switch back to KNBR or even 860 AM. For me, I just turned my radio off.

All I wanted was a station that was the alternative to KNBR. I wanted a station that talked about the topics that KNBR would never touch. Those topics are the A’s and Sharks. This new station advertised itself as such but after about 90 minutes of listening, it apparently isn’t what I had hoped it would be.

The two hosts they had on so far don’t seem to know anything about the A’s and I am just waiting for Chris Townsend to get on so I can actually listen to something good.

I’m not going to be extra harsh on this station as I am hoping that they see the feedback and make the changes accordingly. But on their first full day on the air, they got off on the wrong foot ear.



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6 responses to “Sports Radio 95.7 FM alienates Oakland A’s fans on first full day on air

  1. Jondaniels68

    Stop talking about the Giants. Who cares its an A’s / Sharks station

  2. Ryan Leong

    I spoke very badly about them on their Facebook page and they banned me! LOL

  3. Elaine

    Everytime I go to 95.7 on my car radio I get country music. Seriously…… the only way to listen is thru my computer online??????? Sorry, Dan I”m sticking with 680!

  4. Jarrett

    This afternoon (6/10) they were talking such trash about the Giants, I had to turn it off. I love the A’s and Sharks…. and also the other bay area teams. I don’t want to have to be an anti-giant to listen to the A’s station.

  5. j

    oakland needs a new stadium to attract the casual fans. mt. davis is not a baseball park. the owners can’t attract top long-term talent. the a’s are in effect a stepping stone for future free agents. any really good talent goes to other teams with the money for lucrative contracts. all that said, they have to win a lot more games

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