Sharks comeback win over the Kings has got to be the best hockey game I’ve ever seen!

Ryane Clowe has his LOL moment. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

This really isn’t a blog post, but really just a quick little something. After the Sharks rallied from a 4-0 deficit to win 6-5 in overtime, I tried to find the perfect picture from the night.

I found the above picture. It summed up everything.

  • A dejected Drew Doughty, the young leader of the Kings, skating off. The youth and inexperience showed up tonight.
  • We have the entire Sharks team celebrating their overtime win.
  • And we have Ryane Clowe, looking back, having his laughing moment. He knew the Sharks weren’t going to back down. He’s probably looking at Jason Demers, but whatever. This picture is perfect.
I’ve seen a good number of hockey games in my lifetime, but I’ve never invested so much time into one team. This team has something special. I don’t know if its championship pedigree, but seeing their grit in the comeback was something that I had never seen before.
So yes, this may have been the best hockey game I’ve ever seen. It will be forever linked as an instant classic. They should probably make one of those “History Will Be Made” commercials on this right now!

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