I just sold my custom painted Hideki Matsui bobblehead for some good money

Sold for $100.

When I first bought this bobblehead, I had the notion to custom paint it and sell it. I bought two of them so I could sell one and keep one for myself. I had always been curious as to how much it would go for if I sold a custom painted bobblehead that I knew was the only one out there in the open market.

Plus, with encouragement from friends, I had a good feeling about how my painting skills have come around recently. Looking at past custom jobs from other sellers, I set the bid at $99.99 and it sold!

But with that, I will stop selling bobbleheads. One of the things that I had always worried about is that once I started making money off a hobby I love, it not longer becomes a hobby. It becomes a job and I don’t want to make it a job. Besides, there are legalities in selling anything with the likeness and image of a player or a company logo without their consent.

So with that in mind, I think this will be the only time I will ever custom paint a bobblehead and sell it on the open market. This is a hobby I care deeply about and I don’t want to lose interest in it when money is involved. That’s not why I wanted to paint to begin with.

But still, $100 is a pretty sweet profit. I only bought these bobbleheads at $25 each, so factoring the effort I put in, it’s still more than double what I paid for. And what’s interesting is that the winning bidder works for the airport or something like that. Maybe you’ll see this at SFO. Keep your eyes out for it!


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