Good Friday: Looking back at the last temptation of Christ through film

The ultimate sacrifice.

Today is Good Friday — the observance in the Christian faith of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. To me this one of those days where I have to sit back and think about how tough it must have been for Jesus on the cross.

He had so many opportunities to do miracles during his trial and even save His own life from the cross. People pressured hHm to do it, but He knew that in order to bring salvation, He had to go through the entire thing.

It’s hard to grasp sometimes as to what Jesus went through as he hung on the cross. Many times when the story is told, we don’t get to see the human side of Him struggle with the temptation to walk away and seek a normal life.

I want you to check out this video…

Background info on this video. This is from the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ”. It is a movie based off a novel by Nikos Kazantzakis in 1960. Essentially, the story follows Jesus and goes in-depth into His human side and sees the struggles He goes through with the burden of saving the world. I consider this the best Jesus film I’ve ever seen.

In this particular clip, Jesus was hanging on the cross when in His mind, He thinks about what life would be like if he saved Himself and lived a normal life as a family man. Eventually, the world is without direction and there is chaos.

As Jesus lies on his deathbed as an old man, Judas visits Jesus and gives Him a wake up call as to why He needed to die on the cross.

Whenever someone tells me the story of Jesus’ death on the cross, I never hear the human side of it. I only hear the God side of the whole story. But this movie shows us how so tempting it was or Jesus to save Himself. And in this movie, we go into the mind of Christ to see what he could have seriously been considering.

Ultimately, Jesus saw the bigger picture and remained on the cross — this giving all of us salvation.

I like to talk about this part a lot because this is exactly what we go through everyday. How many times are we pressured by things of this world, opinions of others and temptations beyond belief? How often do we resist it in the name of God?

And when things get ugly, how often do we see the big picture and go through the suffering and pain in order to draw closer to God? It’s not as easy as it seems.

Following God isn’t supposed to be a cakewalk. It’s a journey of trust and belief in the ultimate finish. Believing that no matter what, God will take care of it all. That’s what Jesus struggled with on the cross. That’s what we struggle with daily.

Not many times do we get to see a comparison of Jesus to us. Most times we are only told about the God side of Him. But the reason why Jesus came to earth was so He could be just like us. So we can relate to Him. So we can understand God better.

As we remember Jesus on Good Friday, let’s also remember that Jesus was just like us. He had struggles, He felt pain and most of all, He needed God. That’s what we can draw from this day. Jesus was just like us. And like Jesus, if we see the big picture of God’s plan, we can go through anything and come out on top.

Jesus paved the way for us to do so. He made the road to God’s salvation possible. That’s what makes this Friday so GOOD. That’s what Jesus accomplished.

** I like this movie so much, I’m going to do a post on Easter Sunday with another clip from the film. Obviously, the clip will talk about the importance of a resurrected Jesus.

I also did a post like this last year too. But it’s too good of a story not to tell again.



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4 responses to “Good Friday: Looking back at the last temptation of Christ through film

  1. Nice write up.. I like what you say – “following God is supposed to be no cakewalk” .. i totally loved this movie even though I’m not Christian..

    You may like to read what I wrote about it on

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