Football, Facebook and a bunch of other things

A couple things that are going on right now. As you may or may not know, the NFL lockout is for the moment, lifted. But the NFL is appealing and a lot of technical stuff could ensure.

I actually don’t want the lockout to end — at least not now. With the NFL Draft being this weekend, I don’t want any more distractions to the toughest weekend of my 49ers writing period. I have lost a lot of sleep over the draft the past three years and I just can’t afford to be over-stressing from the lockout.

And speaking of the draft, I will be in Santa Clara at the 49ers headquarters throughout the entire draft. This is my first time doing coverage at team headquarters. It’s going to be very interesting and it might be my last time ever going to team headquarters for coverage.

Today, Facebook is holding a social media journalist gather at their headquarters. I don’t know exactly what to expect but there will be networking (of course) and a panel. I hope to learn a lot and make a lot of friends. But more importantly, I just want to get my name out there and hope that it could lead to a job in the future.

This is gonna be cool being at the Facebook HQ. I have been on Facebook since 2005, so I have seen it grow and evolve. I like it still and am very glad that they are holding this sweet initiative for people.

And yay for making it to the next round. Happy me!

And one more thing. Go to this link and watch. I’m at the 0:37 mark.


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