My adventure at Facebook HQ and getting a professional work page

The Facebook wall.

Facebook held a conference for aspiring journalists at their headquarters today. It was basically an event where some distinguished journalists talk about how they use Facebook to enhance their writing and interact with readers.

It was really cool at first being at Facebook headquarters. Second of all, I learned a whole lot about how Facebook is such a strong medium to get the news stories out to readers. Not only is it just a way to connect, but it’s such a strong way to send out information.

Panelist of journalist talk about their experience using Facebook to promote their work.

Since I am on Twitter a lot just to get my 49ers work out, I hadn’t thought about using Facebook to help my work grow. I was inspired by the panelists to create my own Facebook professional page.

Go ahead and LIKE IT!

Knowing that the growth of social media and networking is defining the world of journalism, this was a very good opportunity for me to learn and grow in my pursuit of a very awesome career in media.

I actually wrote on the literal Facebook wall.


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