American teenagers are pretty dumb: Some of them don’t know who Osama bin Laden is

Do you know who Osama bin Laden is? I’m pretty sure every American that can read a newspaper knows who he is.

But according to this, there were some teenagers who don’t know who he is.

Here’s a screen shot of teenagers asking who Osama bin Laden is when news broke of his murder.

Teenagers on Twitter with no clue.

It’s pretty sad how dumb these teenagers are. They could have easily searched up the info, but I don’t even think that’s necessary.

It was the greatest tragedy in their lifetime and they don’t know anything about it? What strikes me more is that even though they might have 5 or 6 when it happened, it’s something they should know.

I was a young kid when the 1989 earthquake happened. I was young when the Rodney King incident happened. I didn’t know how to read then, but as I grew up, I knew what happened in American history when I was a kid. When I was a teenager, I knew about that.

9/11 was the biggest thing to happen to this country since JFK’s assassination. How can these teenagers not know anything about it?

This is really embarrassing. With technology these days, with information so easily available, how can these kids not know? It’s pretty bad.



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3 responses to “American teenagers are pretty dumb: Some of them don’t know who Osama bin Laden is

  1. American teens are pretty dumb ^_^ Some thing ‘Jew’ and ‘Muslim’ are nationalities. Their stupidity never fails to astound me 😀

  2. Evil

    Its really amazing how dumb this kids are, then again, americans never had knowledge of World History and Geografy. Its almost unthinkable that they dont know who Osama is, but most americans dont know he was trained by CIA and that he was one of Americas allies, so its not that impresive.

    Its evident the lack of effort, most Universities (the good ones, not the crappy ones most people go to) are being flooded by people from Asia and South America ( the well know “Brain Fleeing – the smartest get schoolarships in the Ivy League.). The school system is the flaw here.
    Not to metion the feeling of superiority that americans have over others.
    Think they are brighter – fact is they are not. I’d say that not only they are not but they are dumber than most. And to sit and relax when you are the richest country in the world is one thing but when you’re not…well…

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