Washington Wizards unveil new uniforms: R.I.P. to the 1990s side panel

New look? Nice but the re-colored logo looks bad.

The Wizards unveiled their uniforms today and it is an homage to their old days as the Washington Bullets. With this new uniform, they have officially said goodbye to their old uniform and the 1990s side panels have finally been put to an end.

Here’s a closer look at the home and road jerseys.

Now what is this 1990s side panel? Let me explain.

During the 1990s, when teams were changing their uniforms, there was this really popular trend where uniforms would have piping down the uniform that was only featured on one side.

The Wizards were one of the teams that had piping down one side of their uniform and none on the opposite side.

This very popular trend also was used by the Warriors, the piping on the Grizzlies shorts, the Sonics and the Kings.

If not that, it was the shorts trim not even matching.

Grizzlies, Wolves, and the old Heats uniform had both.

The Wizards up to yesterday, were the only team left of this 1990s era with the side piping/unbalanced uniform look. But with the unveiling of their new uniform, that trend is gone.

In fact,  we don’t see that trend much around any basketball much anyway. The only team that I recall having that is Cal.

So that’s my R.I.P. to the last memory of the 1990s with this uniform change. Now most teams are paying homage to their history with new uniforms as modified throwbacks.

Goodbye badly unique uniforms of the NBA.


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