25,000 Big Macs is way too much and I don’t even eat at McDonald’s

One of the things that amazes me about this story is that this man’s body allows him to do so. Of course in terms of health, and saving money, frequenting fast food restaurants isn’t the best thing to do. But somehow, this guy likes it so much, he doesn’t stop.

I’m a little different. I actually rarely ever go to fast food places. And specifically for McDonald’s, it’s almost never. I never find myself eating at fast food places because I know I can get better food elsewhere. Now, do I eat healthier? Not so much. But at least I am not so crazy enough to eat that many Big Macs.

At least I realize that in this crazy American world, some people don’t have time to cook and fast food restaurants are the best option. Well, I actually have some time so I know that I won’t be like this guy ever in my life.


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