Sloppy, lazy journalism once again from Pro Football Talk

Pro Football Talk is one of the top news sources in the football world and they are always pumping out information every day. But sometimes, I feel that they don’t do their part to get the facts straight.

This morning, they wrote this follow-up piece about an ESPN personality Tony Kornheiser using a “sexist” reference to a fellow friend and Washington Post writer Sally Jenkins.

Last year, ESPN suspended Tony Kornheiser for two weeks after he made comments during his radio show regarding ESPN colleague Hannah Storm’s on-air attire. Lost in Kornheiser’s Tuesday back-and-forth with Colts owner Jim Irsay is the fact that Kornheiser described Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins’ criticism of NFL owners as “shrew-like” and “hysterical.” The former is a sexist term, the latter is as well, but not as obviously.  As one male … Read More

The issue about this is that they wanted to get a reaction to the story. So instead of asking Jenkins herself on her thoughts, PFT decides to ask a male on how he thinks Jenkins would react to it.

It’s very lazy journalism since PFT didn’t go the extra inch to get some quality information. Instead, they just did something that would get them the quick info.

And Jenkins took to Twitter on this:

PFT does get a lot of breaking news and rumors right. But every now and then, they show something like this. All in the effort to get out information quick without actually striving to get the best information.

EDIT: PFT does finally get in contact with Jenkins.


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