A’s vs. Giants tomorrow: Gonna have me some fun cheering on my team!

Mark Ellis is a gangster.

Tomorrow, I will be at AT&T Park to cheer on the Oakland A’s as they take on the San Francisco Giants.

I have been to AT&T Park several times in the past, but each time I was there, I was cheering for the other team. I’ve seen the Astros, Cardinals and two A’s games there. I was there last year and it was a cool place to watch a game… but the A’s lost, so it wasn’t all that great.

But I hope that this game will be something different. I spent around $175 for four tickets to the game. I hope that the stupid snuggies they are giving away sell for more than that so I can make back what I paid.

I’m hoping Mark Ellis gets his 1,000th career hit. I got my Mark Ellis shirt and ready to cheer. I got my A’s fitted gear ready for the game. This will be an amazing night and it will be real sweet if it’s toppped off with an A’s win.

Go A’s!!!!


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